Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ten Things to Download or Do for Free

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Diary Book is an electronic journal with a bunch of built-in features like an event reminder, to-do list, alarm, photo manager and more.

2. Make little pics out of big ones with Easy Thumbnails.

3. All-in-one data management lovers should check out Get Control.

4. Acquire 384 fonts free from LarabieFonts.Com.

5. List Alphabetizer puts everything in order from A to Z for you.

6. Keep track of your stuff with My Things.

7. Serif DrawPlus 4 offers graphic creating, animating, editing and retouching and more.*

8. Desperately seeking task organization? Take a look at Simple TODO.

9. Reshape future Europe from the 14th century as you explore Spice Trade.

10. Create multiple versions of your documents in progress with Version It.

*Added: Serif has more freeware available here (thanks, BJ.)


  1. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Other very helpful places for 'lifehacks' or applications/suggestions to help organize, structure, make your life easier, or Get Things Done:

    I also find that using an RSS reader to read blogs (like PBW!) is a great way to save time.

  2. Serif actually makes several free programs. Find them here:

    I also like the many free extensions that are available for the Firefox browser.

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Hi, PBW. I emailed you with the whole sad story of The Presentation. So the other authors who contributed know: I did give my presentation today, despite having laryngitis. I cut up my notes and asked my classmates to read them for me. I got a 17/20, which I feel should've been an 18. My two negative comments? My slides were too cluttered (which I agree to) and... I was too wordy, direct comment from the eval: I wasn't conversational. Because in a formal presentation, you should be....? So thank you to whoever participated.


  4. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I have several of Ray Larabie's fonts on my system, and I've always been impressed with them. I've found many free fonts are rather poor quality at small sizes (most are badly kerned and hinted; many are not hinted at all, which results in very poor results), but the Larabie ones always seem to work just right. I've never seen the collection of all of them, though.

    Good recommendation.

    Also: as well as useful freeware, Serif have a rather good collection of low cost software. I picked up a CDROM of the Concise OED from them a while back for GBP 10 (about $17), and they frequently have similar offers. Worth checking their site frequently. Current item of interest: Hutchinson History Reference Suite, six history reference books on one CD.


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