Monday, December 19, 2005


My WIP's title scored as follows: This book title has a 45.6% chance of being a bestseller title. (Another generator to play with, thanks to Ms. Jaye.)

I saw a ridiculous post elsewhere this morning that jabbed a number of my writer buttons, but it was written by a rookie author (and no, none of you), and I really am trying to stick to the leave them alone for the first year philosophy. I'm reminded of rebellious teenagers, forever trying on images and testing their boundaries while pronouncing the world this or that. Everyone older or more experienced than them is an idiot, naturally. Leaving them alone to figure it out may be the only kindness a vet can show them.

We went to another holiday party last night and despite many, many Christmas-y food temptations I ruthlessly stuck to my diet (even during extended, close proximity to fifteen kids decorating gingerbread houses with icing and candy, a special torture.)

It was a good mix of young, old, business and farming people. Regional politics was a hot topic, as were problems with local wildlife. I've not met many farmers so I was slightly mesmerized by tales of losing livestock and when/where we can go and pick berries. It seems that I'm going berrying for the first time in my life this spring. In the midst of real woods and large wild animals and stuff. I think I need baskets, boots and maybe a semi-automatic weapon.

I'm tempted to blog cruise a little more, but from the grumbling sounds downstairs it looks like my kids are finally awake. I want them to take a nature walk down by the lake with me today, so I'm going down to bake some cinnamon rolls. They can never resist that temptation.


  1. Leaving them alone to figure it out may be the only kindness a vet can show them.

    Please, please don't leave me alone if you ever catch me pulling any of that. Whatever 'that' is ;o)

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    My WIP doesn't have a title yet, but I tested the title of two other ideas I have waiting in the wings, and they apparently have a 69.0% chance and a 55.4% chance, respectively.

  3. Good for you for sticking to your diet. You are a strong woman to not cave with gingerbread nearby. I don't think I would've made it. *g*

  4. Hal Spacejock Second Course: This book title has a 76.9% chance of being a bestseller title.

    Hey, they like my branding too ;-)

  5. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Argh! Titles! Are there any real rules of the thumb one can use? Is it OK to submit a (first) novel with just a working title?

    Loved the winter idle.

  6. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Ah, I'm so disappointed: I only have a 26.3% chance of being a bestseller. *-* Oh, well.

    And as a writer-in-progress, I would certainly want you to smack me upside the head if I ever did whatever your referenced rookie said - please. I'm told 2x4's are the weapons of choice, by my friends. *-*

  7. My home town is well known for it's round, fat blueberries. I loved blueberry picking :)

    And I agree with Doug. If I pull any of that, feel free to slap my hand.

  8. My grandparents used to take us blueberry picking when we were kids. Grandma drilled hole on each side of an empty coffee can, through which she threaded a string so we could wear it over our heads and drop in the berries.

    Good for you resisting temptation for your diet's sake. I have no resistance left in me this holiday season. I'm forced to make a New Year's resolution to finally get back on some sort of working diet.

    Best suggestion I can give to a writer who is preparing to be published is -- use common sense. Don't shoot your self in the foot in the meantime.

  9. People like my titles better than Lulu does. :) Thanks for posting this. It was fun.



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