Monday, December 05, 2005

Gen Ten

Ten Things to Generate Stuff

1. Modest, too: RPGTable's The Best Damn Random Name Generator Anywhere.

2. When a whole poem just won't cut it:'s Broken Poem Generator.

3. Your road to Internet fame and fortune might begin here: Google Blogoscoped's Domain Name Generator.

4. Write an essay on anything without trying over at's Essay Generator.

5. Your goth pals can't come to the phone but you need a quick dark fix? Try Lore Sjoberg's Goth Quote Generator.

6. Need some history for your world? Build some with's Historical Timeline Generator.

7. Future slang in the works:'s The Infinite Teen Slang Generator.

8. Blurbs on demand:'s Random Logline Generator.

9. Just for fun:'s Walking Bug Generator.

10. Need a web page but can't write HTML? Check out's Web Page Design Generator

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  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    i've just discovered your blog and i really love everything that i read here. i've just linked you and i'm sure that i will come back many times. take care.


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