Saturday, December 24, 2005


Christmas is almost here. Are you having fun yet? If not:

Tell them what they can sing over at The Carol of the Chins.

Release your inner Grinch over at Christmas lights smashfest 2001 (click on lights, watch them shatter, hear satisfying sounds of breaking glass.)

Didn't have enough of crowded malls, angry shoppers and piles of gifts? Make a cartoon lady do it when you play Shop Til You Drop.

Or, if all else fails, Send An Elf (gratis the folks at the Discover Card; takes a while to load on dial-up, e-mailable.)


  1. Christmas is almost here. Are you having fun yet?

    In little spots. And that's enough. I figure that the fun will return when the kids have left home, ironically.

  2. Lovin' it myself - but i love this time of year. ;)

    BTW, the Christmas light smash is IE only.

  3. We're having a big Hannukah party tomorrow at the restaurant of a friend of ours. I get to fix latkes for 30 to 40 people. For me, this is fun ;o)

    Otherwise, I don't care much for the holidays, mainly because I get fed up with patients asking me, "Are you ready for Christmas yet?" Lately, I just answer, "No," and leave it at that. And, in fact, I'm not ready. Thanks to our mini-crises, we managed not to get out a single card or present. Bad us.

    Merry Christmas, just the same :o)


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