Friday, March 04, 2005


Reprint rights for my GCI novels (me writing as Rebecca Kelly) to be released in retail editions. No word yet on the publisher or the type of edition. I hope it's Thorndike Press; they did a nice job with Home for the Holidays.

This would probably be a good time to spring my other news. My last GCI novel, Life is a Three-Ring Circus, will be my final book in the series, as I've refused the publisher's latest offer and have stepped down from writing the series. We had a good run together, put out seven great books, and I learned a great deal about the inspirational fiction market. I don't think there are any regrets on either side; certainly not on mine.

It's hard to walk away from work, but sometimes, for whatever reason, the answer has to be no. No, I will not sign that contract is the hardest sentence a writer ever has to say. Well, other than Hello, Dell, why is there smoke pouring out of my drive tower?

I will never be so successful that I will ever like saying no, but I'm also practical. At a certain level, you simply can't take every offer that comes in; you have to become selective. Evidently that's where I'm at.

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