Monday, March 21, 2005

Plan Ten

Marketing, or the means by which we promote, sell and distribute a product or service, is a part of daily life. Love it or hate it, it is the heartbeat of any capitalist endeavor.

Ten Things for Marketing & Planning

1. Steve Baba's How to Write Business Plans

2. Tim Berry's A Standard Business Plan Outline

3. Forest J. Handford's Marketing Plan for Time-Keepers

4. Alan Jacobson's Sink or Swim: It's all in the Marketing

5. Carolyn Jewel's What You Should Do to Sell Your Novel to Readers

6. Judy Justice's The Novelist Goes To Market: Developing Your Marketing Plan

7. Marketing: What it means to your business

8. Monica Poling's The Five Most Common Marketing Mistakes New Authors Make

9.'s Sample Marketing Plan

10. SBA's Example Marketing Plan

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