Friday, March 25, 2005

Out There

Originally the release date for If Angels Burn was scheduled for March, then the publisher changed it to April. My editor is presently on maternity leave, but as far as I know, the lay-down date for IAB is still somewhere between April 5th to April 28th.

Friends have advised me B& is shipping pre-orders, as of yesterday, so we're back to March, and it's out. Online, anyway. Isn't this fun?

To prevent folks from paying extra for counterfeits on eBay, I will be signing exactly three copies of the final edition of IAB. I kind of doubt my mom, my best friend or Anne Rice will put them up for bid. And while it's more fun to think I'm too snotty to sign things, a bad flare-up of my arthritis is the reason I can't hold a pen for longer than thirty seconds without pain at present. I'm using Dragon to type most of the time now. I see the bone doc next week to get an idea of where I'm at with the hands.

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