Saturday, March 19, 2005


Let's have some fun today and play with some of the writing generators out there:

Seventh Sanctum's Villanous Plot Generator -- Your wonderful plan: build an invisibility suit, enabling you to manipulate the stock markets, easily allowing you to create an evil temple, which sets the stage to sieze control of a horde of mutant bugs, which will slake your dark need for power!

Didn't Harry Potter like kill this guy?

Joel Hefner's The Story Starter -- The deaf reporter threw a feather at the witch house for the lawyer.

If the reporter is gay, Peter Straub already wrote it.

The Lifetime Movie Plot Generator -- Connie Selleca and Ken Olin star in "She Was Forgotten", the true story of a woman who battles her addiction to prescription painkillers. Despite her misdiagnosed illness, with the help of alternative medicine she eventually finds the courage to escape her abusive marriage.

This is why you people watch television. Hokay.

Brian Stokes's Random Log Line Generator -- A ne'er-do-well activist, an anachronistic painter, and a bolemic race car driver plot to kill a manager in a massage parlor.

Only if Ed Harris can play the painter.

Make Your Own Evil Plan -- a bit complicated; yada yada yada for three paragraphs and then "Trust us, it'll all come together in the end."

Oh, sure. That's what they told me in Lamaze, along with "breathing will help with the pain." And they lied. All the breathing helped with was the cursing and screaming.

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