Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Stealing PBW

This week someone evidently used my name and business e-mail address to start a charity crowd-sourced campaign. I have no idea why someone would be that idiotic, or why the campaign information was not verified, but I notified the host site in question as soon as I started receiving suspicious e-mails. The site is now investigating those involved in this fraud. I hope they will put a stop to it immediately, but due to privacy policies protecting their users they will not notify me of what they find, who is doing this, or what action they take against the identity thief.

Since I can't do anything more about the identity thief right now, let me state this for the record here:

I do not belong to any charity sites.

I do not hold fund-raisers of any kind on the internet.

I do not allow any fund-raisers to use my identity for any reason whatsoever. This includes fans who want to raise money for me for whatever reason.

I do not expect my readers to fund any of my writing other than buying a finished book for sale through an online retailer.

If you ever are contacted by someone claiming to be me, or representing me, and asking you for money, I can guarantee you it's not me, or I didn't authorize it. This person is trying to swindle you.

Please understand that I'm not anti-charity. Over the years I have donated many signed books, gift baskets and quilts for various charity auctions and drives. When I can afford to, I also make private donations or buy charity auction items to help worthy causes. But that is the sum total of my involvement with online charities and fund-raisers. If I'm ever in financial trouble, I would go to my family for help -- not my readers and friends on the internet.

If you happen to spot anyone online soliciting for a charity or fund-raiser, and who is claiming to be me, or to be acting on my behalf, please contact me at with a link or the pertinent information. Thanks for your help.


  1. Wow. I thought for sure those kind of crowd source events are checked for validity before posting.

    I've donated to them before but I always thought they were on the level. Now I'll have to make sure.

    Sorry this happened to you.

    1. I can't believe they didn't verify the e-mail address before they opened the account for this fraudster. Be careful, always.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this. What is wrong with people that they have to do things like this. If they put half the effort into a real job that they put into crap like this, they'd probably be millionaires. Idiots.

    1. I just think it's weird that they'd use me. I'm like the last person who would ask anyone for money on the internet.

  3. Hello Lynn, This is off topic.
    I am a blind writer, and compared to your publication record, mine is considerably less. My purpose for writing is to inquire if you know of resources that are instructive to using cloud computing?
    I have used the website on occasion, but have an acquaintance who is compiling an anthology but using Dropbox.
    To my knowledge, I am the only blind writer in our online group of about 60 members. So far, about one-third have contributed pieces to her anthology which has a deadline of May 1. Thanks for giving my comment your time and hoped-for reply.

    Thanks too for being an encouragement to other handicapped writers like myself!
    Kind Regards,
    David Russell
    My blog is

    1. No problem, David, I'm always happy to help. I think you should try Raising the Floor at this URL:

      They are a large group of people who are dedicated to providing resources for the disabled no matter what sort of disability or economic status they have. I'm almost positive you can find what you need there.

  4. I'd go even further than using "idiots" to describe these nasty word nasty word. (You fill in whatever nasty words you want.)

    1. I said a lot of those words yesterday when I found out about it. :)