Saturday, April 09, 2016

Color Me Inspired

Now that I've gotten into the adult coloring book trend, I thought I'd try to make my finished pages into something pretty and/or useful. Inspiration came along with an order of water filters for the house, which the company packed with five and a half feet of this lovely, thick, pale orange paper:

I ironed the paper flat and cut it up into pages, and took one of my colored pages and the guide page from the Barcelona coloring book to use for the cover:

I made my cover by sewing together my colored page to the color guide page I'd printed out (backsides together on the inside):

After I sewed a signature of three pages to the cover I'd made, I had a nifty little notebook:

To make a larger version you can sew the pages between to colored and guide pages, like I did here:

I got three new notebooks out of the packing paper and my Barcelona colored pages:

Or, if you'd rather not get into any sewing or book-making, you can use your colored pages as view-binder cover inserts:

I purchased this gorgeous spider/write page from Kawanish, and used it as the cover for my writing schedule binder. What's cool about buying individual pages from Etsy artists is that they come as a download, and you can usually print out as many copies as you like for personal use.

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