Saturday, September 12, 2015

Free Pics (Weekly!)

I delete most of the unsolicited newsletterish e-mails I receive without reading them, but there is one I do look at every week from, which features links to a few pics that are free to download that week. Mr. Parakeet here was one back in August; here are a couple more (the text is mine, btw):

The terms of use are limited, obviously, but most of the images are quite nice, and could be fun to incorporate in a blog post or use as inspiration. I've made some of the free images into note cards to send to friends (the floral quilt threat got raves) and I might use Mr. Parakeet for some bookmarks. Thanks to Maria for letting me know about DepositPhotos, too, back when I was looking for cover art inspiration for In the Leaves.

Image credits:

Bird: panuruangjan

Barcelona: El_Camino

Floral Pattern: Depiano

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  1. Do these feathers make my butt look big...too funny! And what a beautiful bird.

    I'm sitting here freezing today. It's 58 out and has been raining all day. The second picture is something I'd really rather be looking at in person right now...


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