Sunday, September 27, 2015


I've been hand-stitching this almost every night since mid-April, so I have to show off the finished piece -- my tropical-themed quilt, which was promptly claimed by our rescue pup Skye.

The kaleidoscope quilt blocks are actually a vintage set I purchased them from Kathy's Strange Notions shop on Etsy. The original maker had put them together in all slightly different sizes, which due to the patchwork could not be trimmed down. As a result I had to finesse the piecing quite a bit. I used Sulky Holoshimmer (holographic) thread to accent the blocks, and G├╝termann quilting thread for the rest of the quilt, all of which I did by hand (which is why it took almost six months.)

It feels great to finish a big project, and I really enjoyed this one, but now I think I'll make some totes. Little totes. :)


  1. It's beautiful, and obviously dog-approved. :)

  2. That is beautiful :)

  3. Oh, Lynn, it's beautiful! What a nifty pressie for Skye ;) Great feeling of accomplishment after all that time, huh?

  4. Lynn it's gorgeous. Lovely colours. I've been piecing a top this weekend, and although I started off with a vague plan, it evolved as I went along. I'm just finishing the back with has turned out so nice the quilt will now be reversible. I'll send you a pic when it's done.

  5. That's astounding and gorgeous! Awesome job!


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