Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Archival Ten

Ten Things About Blogging from the PBW Archives

April: Weblogs -- to blog or not to blog, the writer edition.

Disclosure -- all about that pesky FTC disclosure requirement for bloggers.

Domain Explained details why I selfishly hold onto my blog title (with turtle visuals!)

Get Back to Writing Week: Blog offers some ideas on how to get back on a regular writing schedule via blogging.

Got ISSN? and ISSN 2159-9424 discuss what ISSN is, why you should have one for your blog and how to get one for free.

Gone Blogger Gone -- blogging as a trend, a tool for self-promotion and more.

Liven It Up Ten -- a ten list of fun things you can do to revitalize your blog.

Rejuvy Ten also lists some ideas on how you can reboot your blog.

Revitalize Your Blog -- yet another post on how to put new life into your content.

Roboblog natters on about web hosting/roboblogging services (which you pay big bucks for) when you can easily do all of it yourself (for free!)

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