Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Moving to Canada?

Have you ever threatened to move to Canada? I have, a couple times (most recently about a month ago.) The main problem is that it's a big, beautiful country filled with interesting places, so picking one spot to settle would be tough. Thanks to this cute meme over at BuzzFeed, however, you can answer some questions and discover what should be your future Canadian home.

My results:

No matter where I go I'm always going to be a beach girl, it seems. So where should you live in Canada? Take the test and post your results in comments.

(Meme link swiped from Gerard over at The Presurfer)


  1. Sounds like a beautiful part of Canada. I've visited a few parts of that country (and my brother actually does live in B.C.), but never Nova Scotia. I'm pretty sure I've flown over it, though. :)

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I got BC which is where I live now. :-)
    I used to be in Alberta where the winters were a bit too cold for me having gone to school in Utah where the winters were much nicer.

    This was a fun test, thanks for pointing it out.

    Ron B

  3. Ontario. Which is where I live now and love it. I've lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, BC, and Calgary Alberta. ( I get around). But Toronto is home.

  4. I got Alberta, though really I would choose British Columbia. It's close to Seattle and I've been there many times over the years...though lately I've had thoughts about seeing Toronto. Canada is a great place, eh? ;D

  5. I got Ontario, but I was slightly hampered by having no idea what some of the foods on offer actually were, and not knowing the artists. I'm sure it's lovely and I'm now going to google maps to check it out.

  6. I am from Ontario and live there now, but for a while I lived in Nova Scotia. Beautiful province, but the people are cliquish. If they don't accept another Canadian so easily, you can imagine how few foreigners live there. :-)
    Ironically, I got Nova Scotia in the quiz. Yeah, not happening again... LOL

  7. Susanne2:46 AM

    I got Prince Edward Island! Looks beautiful and it`s true that i love seafood :-))


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