Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Other Than Writing

I should have mentioned last week that I finally finished my Picasso project. Here's how it came out:

I must admit, it's not perfect by any means, but when you experiment you take risks not only to try things and grow but to make mistakes and learn from them. Which this project did for me pretty much every time I worked on it, but that was part of the fun. I also said I'd give it away here on the blog if it came out well, but I have to welsh on that. Picasso's lady had her own ideas about where and to whom she wanted to go (and I never argue with my projects, especially when it turns out they were right and their timing was eerily perfect.)

I've started on another for-fun quilt project, and I've also been making an effort to shoot some birds (with the camera, of course.) I bagged all of these on the same day:

I also finally got a shot of a bunny, plus the bunny's Mom, which any shutterbug will tell you is almost impossible to do:

So what are you doing creatively that isn't about writing? Let us know in comments.


  1. That will certainly be one lucky recipient. That turned out beautifully. My on-line yarn store does a "camp" which is 3 different projects for the months of June, July and August but each has a challenge or a theme.

  2. Love the bunnies! And your project is amazing :)

  3. The Picasso bag is wonderful! I love all the detailing and texture. And wow, what an amazing assortment of bird life in your part of the an adorable bunny or two... ;D

  4. Wow, Picasso really came together! Creative efforts, um, keeping kids busy. That takes a lot of creative thinking and doing. Also planted some colorful annuals and I try to grab my camera more often.

  5. The bag is gorgeous! I know, you did it so you know where the 'flaws' are, but I think it's just right.

    I love the bird pictures but those bunnies. We love buns here. We've had a few as pets. They're wonderful pets. Other than that, I've been sitting at the window when I can grab a moment, watching the birds. We've seen a pair of Baltimore Oriels which we never see here as well as a pair of red breasted grossbeaks which we also never, ever see here. And I'm trying to get my ducks in a row because my oldest is getting married Saturday. Sunday, I'm going to sleep in and then I'll start on something else I have sitting next to me to quilt.

    Beautiful bag.

  6. The bag is gorgeous. You're the only one who can see any flaws.

    I love the bird photos as well. I'm still waiting to see our pair of doves return for the season. As for creative efforts, does scraping paint off concrete count?

  7. I love the bag and am very envious of the recipient. Creatively I'm really getting into quilting. I've made 3 jelly roll quilts, so easy and satisfyingly quick to come together, 3 baby quilts and my learning sampler quilt. I'm tending towards the easy, pre-cut fabric route at the moment but I'm beginning to expand my horizons. Last week I made a dress for a little girl which I was very pleased with. Nothing close to Picasso but I am pleased with my progress.


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