Friday, May 16, 2014

For Kindness and For Love

Instead of the usual Friday video I have a slideshow of a Victorian American scrapbook and poetry journal I recently acquired for pretty much a song off eBay. The poems, written by Rose Bremermann on the last handful of pages, date back to 1889, and are written in that glorious old copperplate calligraphic style.

Rose likely never imagined that her sweet verses -- written for kindness and for love, according to one of them -- would survive 125 years to give hope to another devoted journaler, but they did. Thanks, Miss Rose.


  1. 125 years later...what a cool thing! Pages filled with her themes and designs and oh, what wonderful penmanship. Aren't you curious about who she was? Or, maybe the eBay person told you?

  2. I am curious about Rose, but I haven't asked the eBay dealer for any details -- I think I want to dream up a story for her. :)


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