Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilting Picasso Update

Since today is National Quilting Day I thought I'd post an update on my Picasso project. I've made a bit more progress on the piece, as you can see here:

And for a closer look:

I'm very pleased with the gold and amber crystal beading out on the midsection just above the hands; that was a bit tricky to work into the small spaces. Not entirely surely the cross-hatch stitching on the upper torso and the running stitches on the hands were good choices but I didn't want to bead everything to death. Enhancing some of the lines and colors Picasso used seems more appropriate than obliterating them, so I'm going to forge ahead with the same conservative caution.

There is still no real plan with this piece; I'm allowing the artwork steer me in whatever direction I go. For me it's difficult to surrender to serendipity; I am OCD about advance planning -- so as creative risks go this is probably very good for me.


  1. I probably would have stared at that piece for days and then just did a boring outline on it. I wish I could see that kind of potential in a piece like that. It's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for the closer look at this project. Great job!


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