Monday, September 20, 2010

Six and a Half Weeks

So you don't think I've been lounging around watching soap operas and eating bon bons for the past month and a half . . .

What I Did While I Was Unplugged

Outlined a new novel and wrote draft synopsis

House-trained Skye

Answered angry reader mail about Dream Called Time

Got depressed

Wrote another novel

Answered nice reader mail about Dream Called Time

Got more depressed

Went to hospital to visit sick family member

Got even more depressed

Revised another novel

Dealt with another family member's funeral


Worried my friends

Corrected another novel's proofs

Filled an entire hand-written journal with unhappy/unproductive thoughts

Moved my college kid to college

Cleaned the entire house top to bottom four times

Turned down invitations to write for three different anthologies

Missed my college kid

Moved most of the clutter on PBW's front page to other pages

Rescued hurt baby snake from road; buried it when it died of its injuries


Wondered if it's possible to drown depression in tears

Shipped four boxes of books to soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan

Stopped crying (ran out of Kleenex)

Spent a week dealing with Scribd's scam

Found a troll in my comments


Seriously thought about deleting the blog (twice)


Asked myself "What's the use?" about a thousand times

Despaired some more


Made four road trips, discovered how much I dislike driving through fog on the most dangerous part of the interstate

Painted six terrible watercolors

Hurt my foot while avoiding stepping on Skye (she's fine, I'm still limping)

Saw prototype cover art for the first book in my new trilogy (quite attractive)

Considered writing my very first writing manifesto


Remembered while quilting all the stupid writing manifestos I've read


Decided my first writing manifesto is "Sorry, no manifesto."


Got Skye all her shots

Answered 78 annoyed reader mails demanding to know the reason why my publisher has not converted the entire StarDoc series to electronic format, and when I'm going to make them do it


Moderated 172 comments, about 100 of which were SPAM

Seriously considered shutting down the blog and retiring from Publishing altogether to take unexpected/great job offer from old friend

Survived shopping with the other kid for school clothes, her practice driving my car, and the first day of tenth grade

Found out unexpected/great job offer requires relocation of household, politely turned down old friend

Went to two high school football games

Started writing new novel

Stopped despairing so much

Plugged back in for a couple hours here and there


Remembered why I do this


Started writing this list

Watched the last roses of summer bloom and

Missed you guys. A lot.

So what's up with you? Let me know in comments.


  1. Oh, Geez, I missed you. You made me cry. You've been on a long journey, but it sounds like you've arrived safe and relatively happy and that's a good thing. :o)

    I revised a book and will send it tomorrow to the agent who requested it, I'm getting ready to go to the ECWC in October, have re-read a few of my comfort books, the ones I turn to when I have no ambition to do anything at all (and I wouldn't have revised if I hadn't had the request, I'd have just sat here...)

    And kept checking my RSS for a post from you. I'm really glad you're back.


  2. Wow. I thought I got hit hard by life over the past few weeks, but now I feel like a few hospital trips and a flooded laundry room aren't quite so bad.

    I'm glad to hear that you managed to get over the despairing. That's always the hardest part of life hitting hard.

  3. Finished my "final" edit of my 2007 NaNo novel.

    Put it on the shelf because there won't be a market for it. (I'll probably print about 20 for myself and friends.)

    Started the post-summer busy time at church.

    Read a bunch of novels.


    Wrote a couple hymns for church.

    Cleaned some more.

    Read a bunch of theology.

    Cleaned even more. (4 year-old twins. Enough said.)

  4. Breaking away from lurkdom to say, So glad you're back.
    Writing is a lonely business, but you and your blog make it less so.

  5. My heart feels for you. I went through a bout of depression this past year that just makes this entire post bring it all back. It's really difficult to deal with such events, and it's even more difficult when you know people want you to "get better" quickly. I think there's no such thing as "getting better," unless to say we "get better at coping." Because the situation hasn't changed, we have. Just know that you have people who have been through something similar, and are around if you need a sympathetic ear.

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice/rambling. I'm currently working on my new book, Haunting Miss Trentwood, and running a Kickstarter project to help me fund the cost to get an editor, designer, ISBNs, etc. It's really difficult to get the word out, though! Such is the life of an author... :)

  6. What a wonderful post, and honestly... so good to see you back! I really missed you. :)

    I've been:

    Moving house, which involves moving my stuff from TWO places and getting into one tiny place

    Mourning the end of an important part of my life

    Learning how publishing works

    Working on line edits

    Missing Paperback Writer

    Selling first ever translation rights overseas (well, my agent did)

    Learning how hard it is to write a sequel

    Feeling displaced

    Moaning about my bad back because I'm sleeping on a blow-up bed (new bed coming next weekend, thank god)

    Feeling terror at the thought of no internet for 3 weeks, let alone 6

    Trying to remember there is more to life than books, but not doing so well with that



  7. Oh my were you so missed. I am glad you are back. It would seem this has been one crazy summer for a lot of people.

  8. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Though I lurk more than anything else, I'd have been very very sad if you had gotten rid of your blog. I truly enjoy reading your posts (almost as much as reading your books).

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.


  9. I missed you and am glad you're back.

    I also spent too much time in hospitals this summer.

  10. Let's see. While you've been gone, I went to Chicago for a family vacation, went school shopping for the kiddos, read a few comfort books, started fall classes, and basically avoided that dreaded synopsis. Must stop doing that!

    Glad you're back! I missed your blog and, by extension, you.

  11. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it and very happy to welcome you back!!!

  12. Keita Haruka2:36 PM

    Yay! You're back! You were missed! :D Hehe. I followed my daily ritual of checking in religiously. :p Just in case you were back. :p

    What I've been up to:

    1) Working.
    2) Reading. I've been reading a lot. I got the entire Stardoc series (except Dream Called Time, which wasn't availible where I bought) and the entire Darkyn series. I'm currently reading "Shockball" and loving it!
    3) Preparing for my trip to the USA. I depart tomorrow for a 3 week holiday with my loved one. Long-distance relationship. We're meeting for the first time after nearly 3 years together online. Sad, I know. :p

    And that's what I did. Sadly, no writing after completing two stories in short succession.

    I'm glad you're back! *hugs*

  13. You've been busier than I have - and I've been pretty busy!

    I've settled into my senior year of college (finally). This involved lots of writing, as I'm taking two journalism courses (Opinion Writing and Feature Writing).

    I've knitted here and there.

    Outlined my NaNo novel. Realized that it's actually a sequel to something that has not been written. Am writing first book now, sequel for NaNo.

    Read. A lot. Bought a lot of books. demands I continue reading (this is not a bad thing)!

    I also want to add that I think it's marvelous you sent books to troops. My husband is a marine and has done two tours overseas. Mother in law is a big volunteer at the Dallas USO, and I often donate books to them. I know those troops appreciate it.

  14. Been sending you many good/positive thoughts since your last post. I hope the pendulum swings the other way and you get as many happy/wonderful things as you have received sad/depressing things.

    And thank you for not deleting the blog! It is wonderful.

    What have I been doing? Mostly watching my daughter grow like crazy. She has learned to sit up, crawl, and at 10 months just took her first steps this weekend. We are so doomed.

    I've also been pondering the mystery of how she manages to crawl ON TOP of the cat to fall asleep. And why the cat lets her. The cat is big, about 20 lbs, and the baby is a peanut, about 15 lbs, but still. It is a CAT. Seriously weird.

    Other than those scintillating mysteries and wonders of life... just managing to keep up with the craziness of the other parts. And wondering how I will bear to send my older one off to kindergarten. Next year. And now that I've read your post wondering how I will bear to send him off to college. In 14 years. Assuming he goes to college. Please God.


    Many more good thoughts being sent your way!

  15. Um... missing you.

    Trying to get out a funk.

    Trying to figure out a sudden snafu in childcare that will require major adjustments in career stuff.

    Writing a lot on a really cool idea that I heart and if it doesn't, not thinking about that...

    Sent my 11 yr old to middle school.

    Realized that I may have to deal with puberty issues (*HEAVEN HELP ME*) with the almost 9 yr old boy a lot sooner than we expected.

    Sent my 4 yr old to preschool.

    And booked a fall trip with my family. Looking forward to that

  16. Wow, you don't do anything small, do you. I for one would have been among the "loved" emails about dream called time, but I didn't think you wanted to hear my bemoaning the loss of a series of good friends :).

    I'm very glad you didn't let life beat you down. Bouts of depression seem to be going around, and it's important not to let them win.

    As far as what I've been up to...

    * Did a cull edit on a novel to get it more in line with publishing lengths.
    * Started editing another novel.
    * Still writing another novel.
    * Did a bunch of short story crits and one novel crit.
    * Despaired of getting anything done (yep, there it was)
    * Started my son in a new HS/college
    * Learned how to telecommute from said college
    * Working like mad to get the Muse Online Writers Conference set for the first year in its new home.

    Umm, I'm sure there's something else, or twenty something's but I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me.

    Glad to see you back. You reserve the right to do whatever you want with your blog or leaves of absense or whatever, but I'm happy you decided to poke your head up again and share with us.

  17. denise3:28 PM

    welcome back! I'm glad you didn't delete your blog - among other things, the rss feed of this sucker reminds me when it's time to buy your latest book :)

  18. Hugs.

    I went to my son's graduation from his navy bootcamp.

    My husband worried me to no end by moving from to base to base in Afghanistan for his company.

    My girl has been...well, it's never dull here.

    The oldest dog has been sick.

    And I've been revising a story that I knew was so broken the whole thing needed a rewrite. While it is going slow, I love what I'm getting. I just wish I could concentrate better.

    I know I must sound like Debbie Downer here. Most days it's not depressing. Stressful, yes, despressing no. Or maybe it is and I'm totally missing the clues. I guess going day by day is all any of us can do. I am glad you're back online.

    Hey, will you ever be able to tell us about the new trilogy?

  19. Yay, you're back, you're back, you're back! Selfishly glad you aren't quitting publishing and the blog to take the job offer.

    My list; moved back to coastal WA, unpacked many boxes, made many trips to recycling, walked miles of woods and beach, ate lots of fresh produce and organic food and mysteriously shrunk in the process, started the school year homeschooling kids, cleaned house, read books, made pathetic meeping noises about the complete StarDoc's lack of ebook availability, brainstormed an idea for an anthology, marked up mss in progress and made copious notes to myself about what's missing and what to fix, toured glorious wooden boats which I took pics of here.

    Also started taking more pictures. And went to an art supply store and bought art supplies.

  20. Welcome back {{huggs}}

    I've sewn my little machine to death prepping for a quilt show.

    Diets suck.

    Lots of meetings about the aforementioned quilt show (since I'm guild treasurer and they won't let me hide) which is organized by a small group of rather opinionated and highly disorganized older ladies who, amazingly, haven't killed me or anyone else yet. But I'm sure they've considered it.

    Fielded too many emails about why I closed my website and admired the dedication of fans who still managed to track me down via facebook and blogger.

    Totally finished one queen sized quilt without strangling any quilt show ladies.

    Found homes for five kittens.

    Discovered that golf ball sized hail and The Plastic Car (a Prius) aren't compatible. Car now has that golf-ball look.

    Took an art quilt class.

    Fielded several incredibly concerned emails over the 'I can't find it!' 4th Dubric novel that I haven't written yet.

    Partially finished the binding for the other queen sized quilt.

    Drove the kid all around everywhere (well, work and school) because she *still* refuses to even consider getting her license. And now it's almost winter. Sigh.

    Worked three days a week for a month at the local quilt shop cutting kits (for the quilt show) and sewing samples (also for the quilt show) so that I fall behind on my own projects (did I mention there's a quilt show?) and, after deducting the new fabrics that I absolutely HAD to have that first week, brought home a whopping $34 paycheck.

    Realized that no one works harder than a junkie. Especially a fabric junkie.

    Decided that the art quilt needed to be beaded. Why? Because I've lost my mind... Or it was stolen by the quilt show ladies.

    Decided to focus on a totally mainstream novel two days a week.

    Diets suck. Exercising sucks more.

    Where's my seam ripper?!?

    Was the opening speaker at a writing conference.

    Can someone get me a !@($&^& Lemon Zinger before I wrap a quilt show lady in batting and toss her in the river?!?

    Managed to not collapse in aggravation and exhaustion when hubby decided to relocate my sewing room, mostly because *he's* bored and not because I need more space (as he claims, but I know better).

    Packed up sewing room. And all my fabric. Which is now in bins.

    Did I mention there's a quilt show coming?

    Reached 45,000 words on the Tuesday/Thursday novel.

    Screw the diet. I'm having ice cream.

    WELCOME BACK, PBW!! We missed you!! {{huggs}}

  21. We missed you, too. A lot.

    I also went to Disneyland, auditioned and cast a comedy for my local community theatre company, and fell in love with a guy I hope I can grow old with. Not as many ups and downs as your list, but fulfilling all the same.

  22. * Saw some plays, saw some movies. All were good.
    * Called India for tech support and that made me want to cry.
    * Had a gallery show. It was awesome.
    * Went to the Scottish Games. Bought too much stuff.
    * Suspect I have been massively friend-dumped by most of my friend group in town. Nothing personal, just boils down to "everyone busy," but the sheer amount of flakiness going on is making me nuts.

  23. Glad you're back!! (Every time I use an exclamation mark, I think of how Rosina Lippi dislikes them; makes me be certain I need them.)

    Sounds like life has been a royal ... well, you already know, given what you've been handed lately. Here's to more upsides in the future.

    What I've been doing? Just taking life as it comes, and getting ready to submit to my first writing contest.

    Welcome back.

  24. I'm glad you decided to come back. I missed you.

    I got an iPad. I use it all the time when I'm away from home (and at home, too). Yes, it will work for content creation, but that's not it's strong suit. I never anticipated I'd use it for reading, but I do. Kindle app is my favorite.

    I attended the celebration of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary this summer.

    I adopted a stray cat.
    She stalks our two original cats.
    She turned up pregnant.
    She's due on Thursday.

    I started writing regularly on -- today will be 98 days.

    I've focused on my relationship with hubby.

    Writing and revision has taken a back seat, but I still haven't given up.

    I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any either. I've yo-yoed between the same five pounds. I call it a win.

    Our 17 year old dog is still hanging in there. Every morning when she's still here, we consider ourselves blessed.

    My brother deploys for his third tour in Iraq soon.

    I'm still happy -- retirement is a wonderful place to be, and I'm eternally thankful I've been able to do it at an age when I can truly enjoy it.

  25. You slacker! LOL

    Missed you : )

  26. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Glad you are back, you were missed.
    I've sent my oldest back to college in his new POS used car he insisted he had to have, the boy wore us down, so we decided to let him learn "natural consequences and all". Survived the "learning how to drive a stick shift" learning curve with only a mild concussion(ha ha).
    Of course, Friday night at 11 pm(of week 3 at school) phone rings with news of car's breakdown. luckily, not an expensive fix yet.....
    Youngest is now a Senior in High School. Swamped w/college mail, survived 5 hours at the mall shopping for picture clothes.(I;m good for 20 minutes of shopping, how I lasted 5 hours I don't know..
    Back at work, new school year(I work wi/ special needs kiddos) and work with 4 k-gardners who are wearing me out!but my bright spot is a little boy w/ downs who smiles so brightly at me when I walk into the room-what a sweetie!

  27. So... you were busy, then? Heh, heh.

    Lessee. Went to WorldCon in Melbourne and had one of those awful mind-blank moments with Ginjer Buchanan.

    Felt inspired by a number of the panels.

    Edited a book and I'm wondering if it's too dark.

    Read a few books, planned a few for Nano... okay, I thought about a few books for Nano - my idea of plotting.

    Edited a couple more books to downsize.

    Had a few 'moments' with my elderly parent whom I care for.

    Mourned on the one year anniversary of the loss of my beloved dog.

    And laughed like a loon with the above mentioned parent.

    In all, not much.

  28. I had a very similar six weeks. Glad you're coming out of it. You were missed. :)

  29. It's so nice to have you back!

  30. Good to see you back! Lets see...

    Watched old episodes of T.V. on Netflix while cleaning house.

    Worked my outside jobs for two and half weeks without a day off.

    Slept in on my first day off until roofers showed up to fix my neighbors roof.

    Laundry, laundry, laundry.

    Dishes, dishes, dishes.

    Read. Tons.

    Oh, and packing up to relocate somewhere nicer in the next few months because the husband got an awesome job!

  31. Have a welcome back hug! *HUGHUGHUG* I couldn't begin to list what I've done in the last six weeks, I don't think i can remember most of it which in itself is depressing! Don't let the annoying people get to you (much easier to say than to do, I know!), just remember all of the rest of the awesome and loving fans!

  32. Nicosian8:49 PM

    Travelled a lot, to Vegas and to Atlanta. Loved Atlanta, was bored to the gills in Vegas, found a bookstore, stocked up and vegged in the hotel room reading.

    Mourned a massive personal loss that 6 months later, still feels like the biggest hurt.

    even did some rudimentary fiction writing.

    Made some big life decisions I am happy with.

    Expanded my workstudio.

    And saw a lot of friends, and learned "fish station at a Vegas buffet is a scary place", and "if you're gonna keel from the heat in vegas, pick the swanky classy hotel."

    Oh, and husband won us a crazy trip of a lifetime to Israel, so next year, I'm travelling for 3 and a half months, a week to Israel and three months in netherlands.

    And we decided sometime next year we'll start the adoption process for a human of our own. ( having utterly failed to grow one from scratch.)

    I did get to spend the week I was due, in the company of awesome friends and love. That helped.:D

    Nico( still tough....)

  33. Anonymous9:10 PM

    OH! Missed you very much. Glad to see you back.

    While you were gone I

    Checked PBW every day (just in case)

    Almost lost the battle with the beginning of the semester (new textbook, rushed out, computer stuff not ready and therefore 20 minutes of lesson plans average 1 hour and 20 minutes.)

    Met many smiling college students (YAY!)

    Started teaching my 10th-grade clarinetist how to drive

    Battled said clarinettiest's school to try to resolve her schedule which precluded her from taking symphonic orchestra (audition class) and French 2 at the same time (and, after a week of every possible variation, ultimately lost)

    Lauded second daughter through 8th grade courses

    Met new 5th grade teacher of youngest son after loosing yet another fabulous teacher to Illinois's budget crisis

    Nursed sick dog through 72 hours of intestinal distress

    Celebrated stepdadad's 70th birthday with cozy family weekend and a fabulous pulled off surprise


    made it through my late-dad's birthday blues.

    Welcome back. Sounds like you might be sticking around. Yay. :)

  34. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Oops! That was JulieB

  35. For me, the summer has been like:

    Get up early and have my coffee and
    check the blogs I read and see who has updated and who hasn't. (I really missed your writing.)

    Went hiking.

    Went swimming.

    Decided to walk across England with my son-in-love next summer.

    My daughter and her Navy husband were home for a visit and have now gone back to England.


    My son started his junior year in the NROTC program at NCSU.

    Bathed our 12 dogs 4 times..cut their hair twice!

    Started physical therapy for my shoulder.

    Got to Rebel Ice in the StarDoc series. (I love the series!) Now I have to find the rest of it!


    Missed reading your blog everyday. I'm not a writer but I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for continuing it.

    I'm so happy you are back and that you didn't shut down the blog. I'm so sorry you've had such a trying summer. I hope the rest of the year and years to come will not be so trying.
    Be blessed,

  36. We missed you too! I'm so sorry that so much of what you were doing was being sad and crying. I hope things are better now and will continue to get better. ((HUGS))

  37. Don't even think about vanishing your blog. I checked every day too to see if you were back.
    Welcome back!

  38. Currently running on impulse rather than warp, & the shields are weak but holding.
    And missed my favorite blog very much. Glad you're back, but so sorry for your rough time.

  39. I cried a lot too.

    But I started university again, and got a bit better, then cried some more, then reminded myself that I'm good that this and I should focus a bit.

    Then I cried. It's been a long brutal summer.

  40. Hi There:
    Just chiming to say how much I appreciate all that you share here through your blog (I love the pictures from your garden!) and that I, too am very glad you're "back" as it were.

    Do take care :)

  41. Welcome back!
    I started a novel and am writing with gusto after about two and a half years of nothing. Looking for work. Wish I didn't have to. Enjoying my spring garden. Doing some training to be an adult educator. Getting on with it with more enthusiasm than I've had for a while (not working will do that to me).

  42. Can you tell you've been missed?

    Let's see...

    Turned a year older

    Celebrated last surviving grandparent's 90th birthday

    Booked a trip to Brazil to celebrate my father's 60th birthday



    Went through ideas for stories thinking "Who wrote this?" because some were really bad and some not half bad

    Added new ones (of the latter persuasion, mehopes)

    Felt sorry for only having 24 hours to a day because those stories aren't writing themselves

    Attended a bachelorette party, and not many of those left to look forward to, so Big Fun

    Missed the departed

    Negotiated with a lot of awful...with an awful lot of people

    Tried to be a good mom, loving wife, supportive sister and daughter, loyal friend, dependable member of staff and witty author

    Failed miserably on the above on some days, excelled on others, turned out to be only human with illusions of omnipotence

    Watched summer yield to fall

    Found muscles I'm not sure I've used before

    Thanks for asking. Glad you're back.

  43. amethyst5:19 AM


    welcome back. just one of many that have missed you and your blog posts.

  44. Depression sucks. I hope you are feeling batter now. And please, please don't even think about deleting the blog. My blogs are part of what keeps me going when depression comes to call.

  45. SOOOOOOOOO GLAD you are back! I checked every day to see if you had come back and despaired that you might not.

    The summer was pretty crappy in some ways and other ways it was good.

    Spent a lot of time with my kids and hubby (one of the good things about having a elementary school teacher for a husband).

    Cried over people who I thought were friends dropping me like I had the plague.


    Continued to exercise. I started exercising earlier this year and have worked up to an hour of cardio, pull ups and push ups, 100 sit ups. Have lost about 17 pounds and hope that continues (see below).

    Got a save the date card in the mail about my 20th High School Reunion!!!! If I go, I am going to make sure that I look the best I can otherwise - NOT going!


    Cleaned my house - big time! Hoped to keep the clutter down when school started but it hasn't worked. Haven't given up though!

    Finally went into the month of September without dread and fear and sorrow over the loss of my father.

    Donated a bunch of stuff to charity.

    Started weathering my husband's mid life crisis where he has signed up for brazilian jiu jitsu and karate (thank goodness)!

    Got my son started in 1st grade (sniff, sniff).

    Got my daughter started in preschool (my baby!!!).

    I can't remember the other stuff. So glad didn't close the blog!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Anonymous8:15 AM

    You're back! I missed you so much. I'm so glad you're back.

    I totally understand the depression/what's this all for anyway. Yup. Totally get that.

    Eva Gale

  47. Peggy9:07 AM

    Even if you did sit around and eat bonbons for 6 weeks -- if you needed to do that, there's nothing wrong with that.

    Welcome back.

    (My word verification is "oviticin" which sounds like some sort of medication for a female disorder...)

  48. So, so, so glad to have you back. And even more glad that the blackness is lifting.

    What have I been doing?

    Did edits on Book 1 of the new series, Finished Book 2.

    Checked to see if Paperback Writer was back.

    Found a wonderful organic farm which does CSA boxes.

    Finally read Hunger Games.

    Checked to see if Paperback Writer was back.

    Started a new mixed media piece.

    Made paper.

    Checked to see if Paperback Writer was back.

    Walked a tightrope 30 feet in the air.

    Rode a zipline.

    Loved riding the zipline.

    Checked to see if Paperback Writer was back.

  49. YAYYY!!!! I was just on vacation and I got back to work and went to pbackwriter to check it out, just to see (hoping), and it completely made my day that you're back online :)

    Welcome back :)

  50. I'm so sorry you had the depression to deal with but I'm glad you have come out on the other side. I am very glad that you recognize when you have to take some down time to deal with *stuff* instead of putting up a brave front. Thank you for posting your list. And welcome back!

  51. Glad to see you're back! I've been in the slough of despond as well, repeatedly, and it isn't fun.

    Let's see, I've been arranging a blog tour for my book coming out Nov. 2, working with the website redesign, suffered a 3-day panic attack in which I couldn't sleep, watched "Project Runway" season 4 with the wife, worked out but have only lost a few pounds, and buried my 16-year-old cat, Natasha.

    You know. Life.

    Welcome back. Did you miss us?

  52. Another person happy to have you back - I came here every day to check, it was like driving by a friend's house while she was on vacation, hoping to see her car back :) Your blog brightens my day, thank you for taking the time

  53. That rose is so beautiful.

    I translated a German poem so time ago for which that photo is a perfect fit.

  54. Missed you, Lynn.

  55. Anonymous12:00 AM

    It sounds like I and all of your other fans/friends have missed you greatly. To "replace" my daily reading of your blog, I have started journaling to fill the void. After reading this post, I sat down with my journal and read back through the last 6 weeks and all the other random thoughts I've had. I even came across an entry concerning you and missing your blog which I wrote down right after I finished Dream Called Time. Yep, you might not realize it, but you do impact a lot of lives with your blog. I'm going to continue in my journaling efforts, but I'll be reading your blog too!!! Take care!

  56. Wow. That is an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for sticking with this blog. I really do enjoy it and through your experiences and those of your readers I hope to learn to be better at the business of being a writer so that when I actually finish the book I'm working on (collection of shorts) I will be in a better place to market it and myself.

    You are one of the good ones. Don't despair.

  57. Thank you for not deleting your blog! I look up to you a lot and reading your blog is always helpful for me. I am so glad you're back! My days were much poorer without your blog in them.

    What have I been doing? Oh, writing, parenting. The usual.

  58. I missed you. Glad you're okay.

    I finished a hectic promotion schedule for my first published book; relapsed (the old illness, not a crisis but not exactly pleasant either) just in time to worry if I'd be able to walk my eldest daughter down the aisle or have to do it in a wheelchair; got my second contract; managed to walk our kid down the aisle last Saturday and even stayed upright long enough to deliver my father-of-the-bride speech; collapsed until now (Friday evening) and have three weeks more to stop this bloody relapse getting any more severe until our second daugther's wedding. Also, edits for the novel are due to arrive any day now. But at least the damn wheelchair is still bubblewrapped out in the shed.

  59. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I'm glad you're back. Your blog makes me happy :)

  60. So happy that you're back. Depression is a nasty mistress that both soothes and suppresses. I've been struggling with it for 20 years, and while creatively I think it is one of my strengths, in reality, it holds me back. I know you've been through a lot, so I hope that you've found your own ways to cope. I lost a great writer who was a mentor and professional colleague last year to depression and I don't want to see it happen to anyone else. Medication was the route I chose, and it's helped me keep my equilibrium for me for over a decade. Hopefully you've found your own balance.

  61. So glad you're back at it. Been sorely missing your sense of humor.

    Fought the system to finally get approved for my gastric bypass surgery.
    Had gastric bypass surgery. Ouch.
    Started a whole new lifestyle.
    My whole department at work quit.
    Someone liked me and moved me to another building/department... Thank God. I'm so grateful.
    Prepared for and attended a huge family reunion in Jersey (first one in over 30 years) with over 120+ family members from Scotland, MA,FL,AZ and beyond.
    Found out family members are not as perfect as they seem... enlightening.
    Ate small amounts of Scottish food that I can't get at home. So good.

    Back from Jersey yesterday and now I'm back to reality once again.


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