Thursday, September 23, 2010

App Goes PBW

Probably the most popular bit of humor I've ever written on PBW were the two posts that became The Devil's Publishing Dictionary, my homage to Ambrose Bierce and the industry. I still get e-mail about it, and tonight one request ended up turning it into this:

Brian Sawyer has taken the DPD and used the content to create an Android app, which looks very cool. Brian is also looking for folks who own Android phones to help him beta test it, so if you're interested, click on the link to go to his blog and download the app.

I don't use cell phones, but I'm going to forward it to my college kid (he understands all this stuff, plus I gave him a Droid as his HS graduation gift.) Now I wonder if this will finally make me seem a little more hip than the Amish . . .


  1. Woot, it's an app! And hey, those Amish are pretty hip. *g*

  2. oh damn. i want that for iPhone...

  3. I dunno. I sometimes thing the Amish are pretty hip.

  4. My EVO was SO worth buying now! I love the Devil's Dictionary.

    And I think you're way hipper than the Amish. :o)

  5. First of all, you're way more hip than just about everyone.

    I'm sending this one to my brand new editor. She's young and brilliant (I know this b/c she called my book, which she inherited, "compulsively readable.")

    And my blogmates and I have had so much fun doing a paranormal-category parody that we're planning to follow it up with an Amish erotic romance. Two words: manual vibrators.

  6. I don't have a fancy phone to see the app, but I love your definition of editor!


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