Wednesday, April 07, 2010


For everyone who complains about how I never have any book videos, here's one from the publisher of Versuchung des Zwielichts, the German translation edition of If Angels Burn:


  1. Very cool! Wish I could translate it though.

  2. German covers are so cool! Looks gorgeous.

  3. Nice trailer. I had to get out my G/E dictionary but good visuals, good music and nicely suspenseful.

  4. A nice booktrailer. Very atmospheric.

    Egmont/Lyx is a good publisher for translated urban fantasy in general. Translations, covers, production values, etc... are all very good.

    I will be keeping an eye out for this book as a present for my friends who only speak German.

  5. Oh, this looks soo nice. I'm happy that it turned out so well and Lyx really is a very good publisher.

    If anyone is interested I translated the text from German:

    She is his only hope.
    He might be her doom.
    One day Doctor Alexandra gets a mysterious job
    and is sucked down into the
    dark world of the Darkyn - Mystical beings
    who feed on human blood.
    She commits to a dangerous dance of passion.
    Submerge into the dark and steamy world of the Darkyn.
    Lynn Viehl: Darkyn - "Twighlight Temptation" (Temptation of Twilight)

    I'm German myself and will definitly grad a copy of it even though I already own all the books in English!


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