Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out of Here

I want one of these, badly, but I'd have to buy a bigger house. I'm also wondering how you get to the books on the inside curves. Leap over the top?

While I ponder that, I'm also taking a couple days off from the blog to finish a book and recharge my batteries (and any comments you want to post will be stuck in the moderation queue until Sunday evening when I get back.)

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  1. The first thing I thought was wondering how to get to the inside books... the second was how much fun my kids would have using that for a Hot Wheels racetrack.

    And have you seen this one?

  2. That is SO cool! I want one. And you probably shimmy under the last shelf at the curve to get inside, instead of climbing over. (?) I'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the break while you work!

  3. Oh this bookcase is amazing. I would love to have one, though, yes, I'm also wondering how I'd get to the books inside that darn loop.

    Oh well!
    Hope you recharged well and truely!

    Have a nice Weekend!

  4. The books you see on the inside of the case are the inside (page-side) of the book. The spines are facing out on the outside of it.

    I pondered that too when I first saw this case.

  5. I would totally climb inside a bookshelf if I had to. In fact, with some pillows, I might prefer to stay there.

  6. Have a great recharge. =o)

  7. I thought they might be the same book --spine side and then page side -- but the book shelves are too wide for that to be the case, from what I can see.

    I think there are sections that swing out so you can walk inside the loops. If you look at the left side (our left) of the circle on the wall and imagine a straight line to the bookshelf, a little to the left of that, it looks like there's a faint line across the wood. That could be a seam.

  8. Haha that is AWESOME! I definitely want one of those. :P I have way too many books right now and they're all piling up around my room. These bookcases would solve the problem nicely. :]



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