Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sneek Peak

Ike should be hitting Texas about now, and I'm sending all the positive thoughts and prayers I can today to our friends and the folks in Texas and all around that part of the Gulf. I hope you all will, too.

My editor has given me the weekend to decide what teaser to put in the back of Stay the Night, my January '09 release. A teaser is a short scene or excerpt from another work that's offered as a preview, and is usually taken from the next book to be published by the author.

Since STN is the last novel in this particular Darkyn series set, my choices are:

1. An excerpt from the first book (as yet untitled) in the new dark fantasy series.

2. A scene from one of my StarDoc novel (either Omega Games or Crystal Healer.)

3. A scene from If Angels Burn, which never got a teaser anywhere because it was the first Darkyn novel.

I'm inclined to go with #1, because it's probably what my Darkyn readers are most interested in seeing. The problem with this is that it probably won't have a novel title in time to go to print.

If you have an opinion on the subject, what would you like to preview? Let me know in comments.


  1. I would love to have an excerpt from the new dark fantasy series. I can't wait to hear more about it!!!!

  2. Door number one, please. ;)

  3. I'd go with Crystal Healer. I have to know what happens next, even if it's a teaser.

  4. I vote #1, and if title isn't final, it could always say something like, "A new dark fantasy series coming soon from Lynn Viehl".

  5. Hi, Lynn...

    I agree that your first choice would be optimal, but the lack of a title could be a problem.

    To consider though, I find as I discover books in a series that I often wonder about the beginning of the series...a teaser from the first book could bring new readers.

  6. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Crystal Healer would be my suggestion. :)

  7. I'd go with #1. Please? :)

  8. Readers of your Darkyn books may not necessarily enjoy the StarDoc novels - they're so different (imho). And if someone has gotten all the way to the last page of the last book of the series, it doesn't seem to make much sense to put in the teaser for the first book.

    Title or no title, I would prefer the first choice. Even if there's no title for the new book, maybe you could use the title of the new series (if you already have one) and show how it's linked to the Darkyn books. You could angle it to be dark, mysterious (so mysterious you don't even have a title *g*). I'm sure you'll think of something, though. You're one resourceful lady.

  9. If you can do it, I would suggest number one since the fans of that series would be more interested in that storyline.

    Yeah, I am more of a fan of the Stardoc novels but readers of the Darnkyn series might not be as interested in a different genre. I'm not sure though.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  10. Choice number 1, please. (Please, Please, Please!)

  11. Anonymous12:07 PM


  12. I vote for option #1 as well. I think readers of a Darkyn book would be most interested in your next dark fantasy book.

  13. I'd try really hard to come up with a title and preview the new work.

  14. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Zealous Stardoc fan here. Definitely rooting for a Crystal Healer teaser.

    Counterpoint to some points made above: First I read Darkyn. I liked it. Then—because of the Stardoc excerpt after Midnight Blues—I read Stardoc. I love Stardoc even more than Darkyn. So there are people who jump from Darkyn to Stardoc.

    If not a Stardoc teaser, #1 (excerpt from the new series) would be cool.

  15. Lynn, I dearly love your Darklyn books but never read any of the StarDoc novel so I can see a way of introducing your Darklyn readers to this series. I have a hard time with patience with reading a teaser of the next Darklyn book and having to wait, ROFL.

  16. Anonymous1:53 PM

    The first option. Mainly because I want to hear about the new project, and I already know I'm going to buy any new StarDoc book that comes out :) Besides, like you said, the StarDoc books might not appeal to your Darkyn readers as much as the dark fantasy series would.

  17. Number 1, please!

  18. I'm with Jordan. How quickly can you and the editor settle on a title for book one in the new series? I think that makes the most sense to carry the readers from this Darkyn series to the next series.

    Now, if they gave you a choice of two, I'd pick a scene from If Angels Burn and a scene from the new series... "Go back to the beginning of the acclaimed Darkyn series from Lynn Viehl . . . and cross the bridge to the next dark fantasy series."

  19. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I know several people who jump genres. I would be inclined to go with the first option, because it will be a new series, and I think readers would be interested in knowing about it. However, if you don't have either a title, or a series name that will stick and be visible on the cover, I would hesitate to put this in.
    Instead, my second-choice would be to go with a Star-Doc blurb. It might make a few readers curious enough to try something new, and let others know the whole series is out there, waiting for them to give it a try.
    I think previewing the first book would be a last resort. My instinct -- and this is all instinct here, no numbers to support it whatsoever ;) -- would be that readers reading a later book in a series would already have read, or would already intend to read, the previous books.
    And, I want to thank you again for Portraits of the Past and Ana Burton's Deborah's Story. I will enjoy trying both of these out.


  20. I'm kind of with charleneteglia...A new dark fantasy series coming from Lynn Viehl...Also, I adore your stardoc series, but it's out of the darkyn genre so it may throw some people off...especially those who pick up your series later on.

    I'll read any of them with glee. :D

  21. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Option #1 for me. Just because I'll be buying the Star Doc novels anyway so a sneek preview of the new series would be awesome.


  22. Anonymous9:01 AM

    The new dark fantasy for me!

  23. I would defnitely want option number 1. Although,a teaser from other StarDoc books would bring more readers to that series.


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