Monday, September 15, 2008

Rushan 2001-2008

I haven't caught up yet, but life threw another curve ball at me. Over the weekend we lost Rushan, one of our rescued kitties.

Abandoned or a runaway, Rush spent probably the first six months of his life as a feral stray. He was in such bad shape when I adopted him that my vet told me he wouldn't survive another week, and recommended I put him to sleep. I'm glad I ignored that advice, and was able to save him and give him seven more years of life and love.

I don't have too many pictures of him, as he hated the camera's flash and would run and hide whenever I took it out, but here's one I took of him beside Buddy:

We miss you, little guy. Safe journey.


  1. I hope he's chasing catnip mice over the rainbow bridge. 7 more years full of love is pretty wonderful.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.

  3. I'm so sorry, Lynn. But I'm glad you gave Rushan those 7 happy years.


  4. As a fellow cat lover and owner of three kitties, I just want to say how sorry I am. Good call, giving him a chance instead of putting him down.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that. We have three dogs and two birds, and they've become members of our family. Take care.

  6. Losing a pet is a little like losing a body part as well as a bit of your heart. I'm sorry.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Rush but glad you didn't listen to the vet's advice and had so many years with him.

  8. I am very sorry for the loss of your cat. I, too, have lost animals in the past, and it's never easy. Take comfort in the fact that you took him in, loved him, and gave him a good home. He thrived under your care for many years, despite the initial grim outlook.

    Treat yourself to something nice this week, even something small.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My daughter has two ferals, and they are a major challenge both healthwise and with the trust issue. Rush had a blessed life with you. Sending hugs.

  10. Ohh, love the tux kitties.

    I have a tux kitty...

    I'm glad you were able to give him years of a good life and I'm sorry to hear that he has passed. I send my wishes for a safe journey and a happy rest.

  11. Im sorry to hear about Rush. They are part of the family, and it does hurt when they go.

  12. So sorry, PBW.

    Peace and hugs...

  13. Hugs. So very sorry to hear of this.

  14. It's had to lose a pet, they are like one of the family.

    I just lost one of my shelties. She was 17 years old. I got her from a rescue shelter, and she was brutally abused. She always walked funny, due to the damage to her spine from constant beatings.

    Watching her come out of her shell and showing us her real personality, was a treasure, as she became a wonderful, lovable companion.

    I will find another like her some day, as I know you will.

  15. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Just wanted to say I'm sorry.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about Rushan and know how you feel. I'm in the midst of struggling to save my own rescue who we've had for about 6 years and rescued from a parking garage at work where he was starving to death.

    He's been on antibiotics for 4 weeks and I'm praying his check on Monday shows he's gained some weight and his white blood count is better.

    Rushan had some wonderful years with you but it's never enough time....

  17. I once found a stray in our garage. Whatever had happened to it, all of the skin had been stripped from its front legs, and it had a huge, bleeding gash in its side. He'd crawled into our barbecue grill to die.
    After dragging my vet out of his bed at midnight, he assured me it wouldn't live.
    I said "try".

    After massive injections of antibiotics, innumerable stitches, and skin grafts, he turned out to be quite beautiful, lived another eight years, and took a huge chunk of my heart when he finally left us.
    {{{Hugs}}}, Lynn.

  18. Maura, My thoughts are with you. I almost lost my Tux kitty a couple of years ago and it was terrible. He's happy and healthy now though.

    Best wishes for your companion.

  19. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I"m sorry to hear about your cat.


  20. Anonymous7:27 PM

    *hugs* I haven't had another cat since my Mystic died...nothing warms the heart like a loyal pet companion.


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