Friday, December 01, 2006

Winners & Done & Outta Here

As I have enough author copies on hand, and I want to kick off December on a high note, everyone who participated in the Afterburners giveaway wins. You folks who participated, please e-mail me at with your full name and ship-to address, and I'll get these books out to you.

The writing of Evermore is finished, but no *done-thunk* just yet. I'm going to skip our usual Friday Q&A and also take off this weekend so I can rewrite some scenes that are not making me a happy girl. Congratulations to all you NaNoWriMo'ers out there -- I bet you guys are glad to hit the finish line.

That's all from Casa PBW for now. Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.


  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Congrats everybody! Enjoy the great reads coming your way.

  2. What a nice surprise - thanks!

    Yet another reason to keep recommending your blog to others.


  3. Yes, what a great surprise! Thanks, so much!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Blogeois said...

    Thank you, PBW, for your autographed novel, Afterburner! Got it today and love it! Looking forward to more.

    As I type this, I am online chatting with a last NaNo writer in my area prodding her onward in our final NaNo minutes. Congrats to all NaNo-ers!

  5. yippee!!!!

    thank you thank you!

  6. Have a good weekend and good luck with the scenes.


  7. Have a productive weekend!

  8. You are amazingly generous. Thanks much.

  9. Have a great weekend, PBW.

    And congrats to all the winners. :)

  10. Argh, missed that one, dangit. I wanted to post but Blogger had a moment. Again. And then I forgot to come back and try later. Can I have a new brain, please?

    Re. you question. Gabriele, if you're out there, how does one say "blow me" in German?

    Du kannst mich mal .... is pretty common. The complete but more seldom used phrase would be, Du kannst mich mal im Arsch lecken.

    For those with no German, it describes an action that involves the tongue and the place of human anatomy where the trash leaves the body. :)

  11. For those with no German, it describes an action that involves the tongue and the place of human anatomy where the trash leaves the body. :)

    uhhhh...eeeewwww... i coulda done without that image in my head

  12. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Thanks! I've been trying to figure out how to tell off those little punks at the Hauptbahnhof here in Trier, but none of the German teachers I work with will give me any good "screw you!" sentences.

  13. Meardaba
    hau ab is one, or, a bit 'stronger' verpiss dich (piss off).

    You're in Trier? What a lovely place - I've visited the town in September. Came back with tons of pics. I write about the Romans, so it was like a homecoming. :)

  14. Thought you might enjoy this one.

  15. Winners, *done-thunk* anticipation, and German lessons all in a single post. Awesome. That's what I come here for!

    Congrats, winners. Anxiously awaiting the *done-thunk* notice (think papal announcement smoke) but making good use of the time by practicing exciting new phraseology.

    But seriously, I started One Pass Revision on my NaNo novel this morning, and I'm having a blast.

  16. Aww, man, and I commented on my own blog instead of over here so I don't count. *sob* Congrats to all the winners, you lucky readers! And congrats on finishing, PBW! I'm sure you'll whip those scenes into shape.


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