Sunday, December 10, 2006

Six by Six

The winner of the Five for Jeanne giveaway is Caroline, whose comment read: Thanks so much for this and for the story of Jeanne. May the holidays land and equally lovely surprise or three on your doorstep, and who should e-mail me at with your full name, ship-to info and title of the book you'd like for your bookwish so I can get these all out to you.

Six is a very creative number. A perfect number, when you consider that it is both the sum (1 + 2 + 3) and the product (1 ´ 2 ´ 3) of the first three numbers. The sixth element on the Periodic Table is carbon, without which life as we know it would not exist. There are six spectral colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and violet; and six sides to a cube. Even God was reported to have created Adam on the sixth day (well, nobody's perfect.)

There are always new voices coming out in any genre, but 2006 was a very cool year (because it ends with a six, no doubt):

1. Around this time last December I wrote about one of my favorite authors, Patricia Briggs and her debut urban fantasy Moon Called, which really took off when it was released a few months later. See? I'm not gloating. Much.

2. The beautiful cover art for Marjorie M. Liu's Shadow Touch grabbed my attention in February, but the story delivered so much more, as did the sequels. That and I think Marjorie is just getting warmed up.

3. I was wowed by the great copy for Stephanie Rowe's Date Me, Baby, One More Time in May -- a novel lives up to its copy, too. Delightful.

4. Shiloh Walker, who is always trying to drag me away from the joys of doing laundry, railroaded me with her novel Hunting the Hunter in July. This book is so hot it should burn your fingers when you read it.

5. Nalini Singh got folks all around the blogosphere talking about her September release Slave to Sensation. Beautiful writing, elegant flow, great story.

6. In October I had the pleasure of virtually meeting author Michelle Rowen when she joined in with the e-book challenge, which prompted me track down a copy of her terrific January release Bitten & Smitten. Another reason to love Canada: they have Michelle Rowen.

I enjoyed these books so much that I couldn't choose between them, so the sixth very cool book of December is actually six very cool books.

For a chance to win today's giveaway, in comments to this post tell us the name of an author that you discovered and enjoyed this year (or, if you've not found anyone new to read, just throw your name in the hat) by midnight EST on December 10, 2006. I'll draw one name from everyone who participates and send the winner unsigned copies of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu, Date Me, Baby, One More Time by Stephanie Rowe, Hunting the Hunter by Shiloh Walker, Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh, Bitten & Smitten by Michelle Rowen, and Talyn by Holly Lisle. Giveaway open to everyone on the planet, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.


  1. Shannon Greenland and Sierra Dafoe made a big impression on me. Was thrilled to discover their books this year.

  2. She's not a "new" author, but it was the first time I picked up her books: Christine Feehan (love her Ghostwalker and Dark series).

    Also, I got re-introduced to Shana Abe's Dragon trilogy. Wonderful writers!


  3. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. It's pretty interesting, and not as scary as I'd imagine a King book would be.

  4. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Aw, sweet. Thanks for putting me in such fine company.

  5. Anonymous2:46 AM

    I love it when my favourite authors introduce me to some of their favourite authors--because I usually enjoy them too. And you have a good track record with me; you introduced me to J. R. Ward. :D Someday I hope you try Suzanne Brockmann and vice versa. =p

    Marjorie, next time I'm at the bookstore, I'm picking up one of your books! ^_~

    I had the pleasure of taking a Science Fiction and Literature course this semester and was introduced to a lot of interesting writers. One writer in particular caught my interest because of the simple fact that he was completely insane: Mark Leyner. I plan on searching out his book Et Tu, Babe. I don't read a lot of historical romance because I usually don't find it as interesting as contemporary, but Julia Quinn is one of my new favourite authors. ^_^

  6. I found two: Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series - it's the first series since Stardoc that I'm desperate for more of; and Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series. I was really impressed with that one, too, and can't wait for more.

    Both series are original in concept and brilliant in execution. Definitely in my re-read pile.

  7. Anonymous3:59 AM

    This year's joyful discovery was Chaz Brenchley and his novel "Bridge of Dreams". I can't wait for the sequel!

    Another wonderful discovery was Sarah Micklem and her "Firethorn".

  8. There are so many great books out there that I need to discover but this year I found two new authors I was really impressed with. The first is Kinley MacGregor with her book "Sword of Darkness". The second was Karen Chance with her book "Touch the Dark".

  9. My favorite "new to me" book that I read this year was Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I'm hoping that Santa will bring book number two!

    It's odd, but I've found more interesting books to read in the young adult section of the library/bookstore than in the adult section!

  10. I discovered four authors this year although only one of them published her first book this year, Naomi Novik. However, the books I enjoyed most were Gregory Keyes' Age of Unreason. The other two authors are Kathy Reichs and Elizabeth Peters.

  11. This year I read the two books in Michele Martinez's series with prosecutor Melanie Vargas and I am looking forward to her next book. By the way there is a spread the word contest on her website to win ten copies of her first book.

  12. I discovered "Standish" by Erastes. A lovely piece of Regency gay erotica.

  13. I discovered a few new authors Candace Havens( wrote Charmed & Dangerous and Charmes & Ready, both are about a witch named Bronwyn who saves lives and kicks butt with her good magic, its a fun series.
    Vivi Anna( read her book Hell Kat and I'm reading the second book Inferno now ,these books are about the future.
    Gena Showalter,her alien huntress series, these book are just addicting.

  14. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I just discovered Diana Gabaldon. I don't know how I managed to miss her (for the last 10 years!), but boy am I glad I did: it meant I could read the whole 10,000+ pages in 3 weeks. I'm now reading 'Breath of Snow and Ashes' and am having a hard time making myself go to work. So good!
    Thanks again for your contests,

  15. Linda L. Richards and her series about Madeline Carter is the latest one I've discovered this year.

  16. I discovered Karen Whiddon and her The Pack series.

  17. Anonymous7:37 AM

    This year I found Karen Traviss's wess'har wars books and loved those. I also read Simon Green's Nightside - wonderful fun.

  18. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Shanna Swendson -- Enchanted, Inc. and Once Upon Stilettos. I don't know how I'm going to wait until May for the third one.

  19. Wow, more Christmas spirit.

    *toasts PBW*

    This year I discovered Sarah Waters with Fingersmith. Only yesterday in Waterstone's #2, I prodded husband in the side and suggested one of her other books would make a spiffing sqrl Christmas present. I was impressed by the way she handled two different first person POVs and had the story go over the same ground twice without feeling dull. And the opening to the book is so mysterious and strange.

  20. Jean M Auel is the author I discovered this year. Her series 'Earth's Children' is absolutely incredible! Its set in prehistoric Europe when CroMagnon and Neanderthals walked the earth. The depth of feeling and the incredible amount of research she has clearly put into this series is brilliant. She brings out the emotional credibility of the characters so well and I couldn't help loving every single bit of the first book - Clan of the Cave Bear.

    I'm getting the second book for Christmas and cant wait to read it, followed by the third, fourth and fifth! Hoorah!!

    I totally recommend Jean M. Auel.

  21. Sharon Page. I am reading a book by her right now and it is very good.

  22. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I discovered several nonfiction authors whose work I fell in love with this past year:

    1) Jon Krakauer ~ "Into the Wild" is a fascinating look at one young man's tragic journey back to nature, and "Into Thin Air" is a gripping tale of adventure gone wrong on the trecherous slopes of Mount Everest.

    2) Charles Pellegrino ~ "Ghosts of Vesuvius" gives an interesting and in-depth glance into the final hours of the citizens of the tragic ancient city of Pompeii, while drawing oddly disturbing connections between Vesuvius's famous eruption and the fall of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    I loved both of these authors so much that I have bought their other books ~ Krakauer's "Under the Banner of Heaven" (about Mormons driven to murder supposedly by God) and Pellegrino's novel "Dust" as well as "Her Name, Titanic."

    Two awesome authors I highly recommend!

  23. For me, it's been Darlene Ryan. She won my first BookPack giveaway, but I discovered someone new to read.

    I could also add Laura Lippman, Joshilyn Jackson, Pat Cunningham Devoto, Robert Liparulo, and Stuart MacBride.

    I guess that would be six of my own to discover.

  24. Anonymous9:31 AM

    This year I discovered C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. They are a writing team and have released a several novels since I first found their book in my local B and N. I have enjoyed everything I have read from them.

  25. Anonymous9:49 AM

    three for me: Patricia Briggs, - Moon Called then her other books, Lilith Saintcrow, Dante Valentine and the Watcher Series and new author Karen Chance - Touch the Dark. Check her website for excerpts of this book (and her next)


  26. Deidre Knight and her series - Parallel Attraction, Parallel Heat and soon Parallel Seduction.

  27. oh wow... how cool. I'm gonna be grinning the rest of the day.

    :o) thanks, PBW.

    don't enter me in the contest~ I've read several of those. Moon Called was my fave.

    I'm not at home so can't check my shelves, but Patricia Briggs is a new to me author this year. And Kresley Cole. Just read A Hunger like No Other a few weeks ago and loved it.

  28. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Naomi Novik is my best discovery this year (though I can't really claim credit - my friend sent me a copy all the way from Singapore, where she lives, for my birthday). I didn't think anyone could combine Anne McCaffrey, C.F. Forster and Georgette Heyer in a good way, but Ms Novik managed it. I started the book at about eight o'clock in the evening, intending to read a few pages, and literally could't stop for anything (eating dinner, having a bath) until about 1 am in the morning when I turned the last page. Then I ended up scouring the globe for the follow-ups, which had not get been released here in the UK, but were *luckily* available in the US. I can't wait for the next one. Instant keeper.

  29. I discovered and read All the numbers by Judy Merrill Larsen. Beautifully written book.

  30. I found and enjoyed Isabel's Daughter by Judith Ryan Hendricks. Wonderful novel that is unforgettable.

  31. Someone I discovered was Jennifer Haigh and I read Baker Towers which was a memorable book.

  32. I just found out about this wonderful author Taylor Holden and read her book Which is fantastic, The Sense of Paper.

  33. A new author for me was Monica Wood and I read her book Any Bitter Thing which was sensitive and wonderful.

  34. An unforgettable book and author is A Road Through the Mountains by Elizabeth MacGregor. Could not put it down.

  35. I have two authors that I read this yea that I really enjoyed. Deidre Knight the Parallel series. I started with book one and end having to buy the second book of series. Now I can't wait for the 3rd book. I always discover Sharon Long(Maya Bank; her other name) books.

  36. This year I caught up on many of the writers I'd been meaning to read since I heard of them.

    In January, I read Talyn, my first Holly Lisle book. For the rest of the month I read her Arhel series, The Secret Texts, and her standalones, all in quick succession. What a find!

    February marked the beginning of reading your Stardoc novels, PBW. Immediately engrossing, such a darn good story!

    March's standout "new author" book was Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey. The whole month I lived with fellow countrymen I never knew existed, who're so different from me as to seem almost foreign, and yet somehow familiar. A really great book.

    Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, which I read in April, was a revelation. How deep does that woman dig to write?!

    In May I read 21 Great Stories (Edited by Abraham H. Lass and Norma L. Tasman). W.O.W. There are no words to describe the perfection of each story included here. Most of the authors in it are well-known, but I've searched in vain for more of Kaatje Hurlbert's stories... anybody know where I can find her work? Eve in Darkness cannot be her only story!

    June brought Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations". I'm still reading it bit by bit, and am floored at how modern his view of life is.

    July: Kolyma Tales by Varlam Shalamov. Those Russians, boy, can they write! Pure literature, sheer genius.

    August was the month of good non-fiction. Liar's Poker was a breezy, informative read.

    In September, still on my non-fiction kick, I read Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. Once again, I was awed by how little I know my own home country... Highly recommended read.

    Kristopher Reisz's Tripping to Somewhere was a fun read in October. Quirky, original, engrossing - a great debut!

    November - "All the Pretty Horses" by Cormac McCarthy. I didn't like this book as much as I did "Blood Meridian" which I read immediately after. What a find this author is! His prose is practically poetry.

    Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections, which I only just finished, is my pick for December's best new author. I loved the complexity of his characters and how they, and they alone, drive his plot. Lots to learn from this guy.

    All in all, I think this has been the best year of my life in terms of reading.

  37. Ha, I'm not the only one who bought Bitten & Smitten after the ebook challenge! You've mentioned many of my new discoveries already, but here's a couple more, Christine Warren and Kresley Cole. Both writing terrific paranormal series, and Christine Warren has a backlist at Ellora's Cave that I'm embarassed to have missed until this year. Atlhough a new discovery with a backlist is like striking gold. *g*

  38. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Lilith Saintcrow and J. R. Ward.

  39. Anonymous11:15 AM

    This is going to sound corney, but it is totally true. The author I discovered and total enjoy this year is S.L. Viehl. I've read this blog for over a year now, but somehow never got round to reading your books. I'm halfway through StarDoc and already planning on snatching up the rest of the series tomorrow. I really like the style and flow of this book. Even with the funky alien names, it flows right from the page to my brain. I'm going to mark this post for future-read lists once I plow through StarDoc.

  40. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Peter David, who wrote Star Trek novels such as the two Imzadi books. Yes, yes, I'm a Trekkie. So sue me!

  41. Kresley Cole Valkrie series of which I was introduced to at a reader/writer gettogether in Cincinnati. and JR Ward's Brotherhood series both of which I think are fantastic and can't wait for the next book in both of them.

  42. I'm shameful to admit that I did not discover Kim Harrison until this year. I love Dead Witch Walking and I can't wait to read the rest of her work.

  43. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Conrad Allen. His series of mysteries set on famous early-20th century ocean liners captivated me so much that I didn't even spend (much) time trying to stay ahead of the fictional detective duo of George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield. I read "Murder on the Lusitania" first, and went through the other six in my library system's collection as quickly as the Inter-Library Loan process could get them in my hands.

  44. Two historical romance authors...Sophia Johnson and Deborah Macgillivray. I really enjoyed both of the books I read and definitely would buy more of their stories.

  45. Not new, but two authors I finally pulled off the TBR pile and was sure glad I did: Nalo Hopkinson and Kelly Link.

  46. Argh, I haven't found anyone to seriously float my boat this year. I need the good stuff!

    Oh, wait -- I was thinking genre fiction. On the literary shelves, Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife left me a wiggling pile of snotty goo by the last page. Fantastic, that.

  47. LOL, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has jotted down a few notes from reading the above recommendations!

    Three new authors I've discovered just this year are writing kids' fantasy series: Jonathon Rogers (The Wilderking Trilogy), Wayne Thomas Batson (The Door Within trilogy) and R.K. Mortenson (Landon Snow series--3 of 5 now out).

  48. I've found three new authors this year. Diana Wynne Jones with her delightful "Howl's Moving Castle." I was so taken by the movie, I had to find the book, and it is one of those very rare occurences where the movie had been changed drastically from the book, but both were so amazing, I didn't care. I know get to enjoy two versions of a fascinating tale.

    The second was Erik Larson and his magnificent non-fiction book, "The Devil in the White City," about a serial killer and the birth of the World's Fair in Chicago before the turn of the last century. A very well written look at two very different historical events.

    And the third was a classic I thought I knew, but learned I truly didn't. I finally read L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz." Breath-taking. The movie doesn't do it justice (though I still love the movie). I'll be collecting his other Oz books to pass on to my daughter when she's older.


  49. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Probably my favorite authors that I've discovered this year are Rachel Caine (Weather Wardens series), Maria V. Snyder (Poison Study), M.J. Rose (Butterfield Institute series), and Allison Brennan (The Prey).


  50. Looking back, I realize that most of the books I read were by "old" favorites. So no new discoveries for me. I'll have to do better next year!


  51. This year I started working at a non-departmentalized library, so I've had to expand my reading which has led me to some great YA authors. Phillup Pullman, Garth Nix and Meg Cabot's Avalon High really stand out for me. I also decided to see what all the fuss was over Janet Evanoivch's Stephanie Plum books and went throuogh all thirteen of them. Then to get my Fantasy fix I starting reading Robin Hobb, Charles de Lint's Neford series and Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. And I still have so many authors on my TBR pile!

  52. My list of authors that I read for the first time this year is a decidedly mixed bag, so here it is.

    Victoria Thompson- her mysteries are set in New York around the turn of the 19th century.

    Shirly Daamsgard- Which Way to Murder, Charmed to Death, and The Trouble with Witches

    Carrie Vaughn- Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty Goes to Washington- Werewolves (need I say more).

    Shanna Swendson
    Kim Harrison
    Susan Krinard
    Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Rebecca York
    Elizabeth Vaughan
    Savannah Russe

    And then there are the ones I found here:
    J.R. Ward
    Shiloh Walker
    Holly Lisle
    Lynn Viehl
    Jessica Hall
    and, of course, Gena Hale

  53. I read Kelley Armstrong's Bitten, which just blew me away with its excellence. Her other books are terrific, too.

  54. This year I discovered J.R.Ward and Oh my! I really loved her books. I can't wait for the next ones, and I hope there will be a lot of them.
    I also discovered Cindy Gerard and her bodyguard books and loved them too.

  55. Kresley Cole, Elizabeth Vaughan & Stephanie Bond. And I finally got around buying a book by Patricia Briggs. Moon Called was a wonderful read.

  56. Like a couple of the others, I just discovered J.R. Ward this year. I have been blown away by the world she has created. I love the Brotherhood. Those books are completely enthralling.

    Thanks so much for your generosity in doing these giveaways. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    Hugs, Zara

  57. Some authors that are new to me this year that I have enjoyed reading are Lucy Monroe, Shiloh Walker, Keri Arthur and Robin T. Popp.

  58. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Please don't enter me in the contest, I already have all of the books, and loved each and every one. Here's a list of my new discoveries:

    1. Your BioRescue, Afterburn and BladeDancer: Please, ma'am, can I have some more?

    2. Naomi Novik: Dragons, England, China, Napoloenic Wars and such a depth of characterization it's amazing; can't say enough about these books, now I know what all the fuss was about.

    3. Kelley Armstrong: Strong female werewolf and her adventures with her mate, who refuses to change or apologize for who he is. Lovely.

    4. Henning Mankell: Swedish mysteries that transcend place, he deals with every possible issue under the sun with creativity and sensitivity.

    5. Asa Larsson: Swedish mysteries, focusing on women and how they survive. Seems to provide a good glimpse into contemporary Sweden.

    6. Ake Edwardsson: also writes Swedish mysteries: crime and life from the perspective of the youngest man ever to make inspector in the police force. Really cool series.

    7. More Swedish and Scandinavian writers: Helene Tursten, Karin Fossum, Arnaldur Indridason, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo .

    I highly recommend all these authors, particularly the Swedish ones.

    Thanks for the contests.


  59. For me a new author was Candace Havens. But some of what people have mentioned will be on my reading list for next year.

  60. Jacqueline Carey's "Kushiel" series.

    Or...Lilith Saintcrow's "Dante Valentine" series.

    And...Simon R. Green's "Nightside" series.

    Do I have to choose? It's been a really good year.

  61. Two of my favorite new to me authors this year - PC Cast, I picked up Divine By Mistake and adored it. And Donna Kauffman. Loved her Dear Prince Charming

  62. This year will be always be remembered as the year I discovered J.R. Ward and her wonderful books. I read the first one to see what all of the ranting was about, and was hooked!

  63. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Oh my gosh Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh without a doubt! Their books had a "spin" that was both original and refreshing to this reader!

  64. I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon
    this year

  65. Definitely Lilith Saintcrow. Interesting characters and non-stop action.

  66. I've already mentioned Patricia Briggs and how much I'm anticipating her new release. And I've loved Shiloh's stuff for years.

    I'm going to have to say that the writer who blew me away this year was Rob Thurman. Nightlife's tone, pacing and characters really struck a cord with me. That book made me want to try my hand at writing urban fantasy. I just loved it, and I eagerly anticipate her next year's release.

  67. Anonymous6:08 PM

    An author I discovered this year? There are so many. I was only reading romance up until about the middle of this year. Then I saw Blade Dancer by S.L. Viehl, read it, and had to go out and purchase every one of the others that are available. Some I purchased through Amazon, as the bookstore couldn't get them. While I was there, I found the Ukiah, Oregon series by Wen Spencer, the Hallows series by Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series and Codex Alera series, and when I checked out the romance section, I located J.R. Ward and Lynn Viehl. It's been a busy year, reading all of the books by these great authors.

    Crystal B.

  68. You were 1 of them Eileen Wilkes
    NJ Walker Nalini Annmarie McKenna
    and a ton of others
    My book piles keep growing and growing

  69. I discovered Kelley Armstrong earlier this year, and I really love her characters.

  70. Anonymous7:23 PM

    A few fantasy writers I discovered this year and LOVED: Kim Wilkins, Karen Chance, Rob Thurman, and Carrie Vaughan.

  71. Lucy Monroe, Anna DeStefano, Loreth Anne White and Donna Kauffman are recent new reads for me.

    Congrats Caroline.

  72. this year i found romance. before, i had been of the snobbish and stereotypical belief that romance novels were crap. but I grew tired of some of the other genre's i was reading and took a chance.

    While i have read a few crappy novels I gave the genre a chance this year by reading Jr Ward, Alison Kent and you PBW. Now I keep coming back for more.

  73. Anonymous8:07 PM

    This year I discovered the writing of Jacquelyn Frank with the book Jacob. I recieved it as an arc and when it went on sale earlier this month, rushed out and bought it. It's calling me to read it again.

    Happy holidays, PBW. You're an amazing treasure to have found.

  74. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I discovered Karen Chance and the writing team of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp this year.

  75. Heather Grothaus, Joey W. Hill, Lydia Joyce and J.R. Ward are a few of them.

  76. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Well, you for one. I started reading this blog in Dec. of last year -- happy anniversary;) -- and StarDoc series this year. I'll mention two other authors as well, new to me but not new, Jennie Cruisie and Bob Mayer. Also found their blog on writing first, and then read their collaborative novel.

  77. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Am I late again? *guilty* Sorry...

    I recently discovered Moira Moore, who writes "Resenting the Hero" and the sequel, "The Hero Strikes Back". While I don't really like the cover or the titles, the books themselves are really good. It's interesting to read about this heroine who thinks a lot of witty stuff but never said it out loud. :)

  78. The best reads this year for me were MASTER OF WOLVES & MASTER OF SWORDS by Angela Knight and WOLF TALES I & II by Kate Douglas. Wowzers --what great storytellers! ;)