Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two 2 Tango

The winner of the One Very Cool Book giveaway is Bethany K. Warner, who should e-mail me at with your ship-to info so I can get this book out to you.

Today I'd like to talk about Alison Kent, one of the hardest-working writers in publishing. Not only does she write a gazillion books a year, but she blogs pretty much daily, designs web sites and blogs for other writers, is active all around the online writing community, teaches online classes, conducts innovative marketing experiments and now she's talking about starting up her AK bookclub again.

I know. I get tired just watching her.

This past September Alison also shared her genre expertise with the very cool TCI Guide to Writing Erotic Romance. What surprised me is how enormously practical and useful the information in the book is, not only for writing in this specific slice of the market, but for writing any type of romance. It's as if she wrote two books in one, which is why this is the second very cool book of December.

For a chance to win today's giveaway, in comments to this post tell us one of your holiday guilty pleasures (or, if you're driven-snow pure, just throw your name in the hat) by midnight EST on December 6, 2006. I'll draw one name from everyone who participates and send the winner unsigned copies of Alison Kent's TCI Guide to Writing Erotic Romance and Talyn by Holly Lisle. Giveaway open to everyone on the planet, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.


  1. Guilty pleasure... umm...

    Does pelting people unawares with snowballs count? ^_^

  2. It's the one time of the year I eat more than I probably should, because some of this food only comes around once a year. LOL!

  3. I don't feel guilt for holiday pleasures. :D Mine aren't harmful to anyone (but maybe myself after over-stuffing on Christmas dinner).

  4. The big bag of Lindt chocolate truffles--need I say more?



  5. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Well, I buy way too many books :o I usually buy 7-10 books a month, but when it's Christmas time, I splurge. I buy a combination of books that I have on my wish list, in paperback, hardcover and ebook format. So far this month, I've purchased 17, and it's only Dec. 6th! LOL

    Crystal B.

  6. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Lots of Dove milk chocolate for me.


  7. Does dressing as a satyr and touting for sex count?

  8. Christmas is always an excuse to spend too much money -- both on myself and others. I tried to focus on buying books for people this year, but it never felt like enough, so they got books AND something else.

    What a great reason to go shopping!

  9. I spoil my kids rotten at Christmastime... but they're darn GOOD kids, and they deserve it once a year.

  10. One of my guilty pleasures is shopping for myself while I'm trying to find gifts for others. I just can't resist those sale racks.

  11. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I saw AK's Complete Idiot's guide yesterday and nearly squeed with delight.

    Gonna have to get that for myself for Christmas. :)

  12. Anonymous7:40 AM

    My biggest guilty pleasure is watching all those old stop-motion animated movies over and over and over and over...

    ...and making my family watch them with me.

  13. I have a few guilty pleasures... Firstly all the novelty chocolates that come out only at Christmas time, secondly shopping for gifts by myself and secretly splurging on a few things for me, and thirdly secretly watching all the christmas movies and loving them!

  14. I am thinking about breaking open the Pirate's DVD and watching it before anyone else! Which also means not doing the cleaning that I was going to do today. I should feel guilty, but somehow I don't.

  15. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Taking a whole weekend to make different kinds of holiday cookies, splurging on special ingredients, ignoring grading and lesson planning, eating cookie dough, forgetting about house cleaning, enjoying the mess my 21-month-old makes as he helps ("mix! mix! helping! steps!" - that the step stool he uses to reach the counter "chok-at chips!"). The not-so-guildty-part is packaging and delivering them to neighbors & friends.

  16. Hershey's cherry cordial kisses. I can't have them in my house, I'd consume whole bags at a time. So I allow myself one bag during the holidays and ration it!

  17. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Fruit cake! I know a lot of people hate the stuff, but I make the best homemade fruitcake. I look forward to making it every Christmas, and it's gone by January.

  18. All the different kinds of holiday-inspired flavored coffees.

    I do adore Starbucks' Toffee Nut latte.

  19. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hot chocolate with a shot of some flavored liquer or other, depending on my mood (I have lots of favorites!). =D

  20. Orange and ginger dipped in chocolate.

    BTW, Alison Kent's book on writing erotica is great. AK makes important points for any romance writer, even if the writer doesn't do the hot sex thing in her books.

  21. Very cool giveaway! My holiday guilty pleasure would be eggnog, not because I have much guilt over it but because it's hard to come by the rest of the year.

  22. Alison is indeed amazing!

    At Christmas time, there's no such thing as too much glitter. It's a Guilt-Free Glitter and Glue Bonanza!

  23. Anonymous9:37 AM

    My mothers chocolate fudge and butter tarts.

  24. Anonymous9:50 AM

    My guilty pleasure? I don't have one. I hate, loathe and dispise Christmas and the free-for-all, my-gift/decor-is-better-than-yours, that this time of year turns into. Is it January yet?

    Avaron (whose birthday was yesterday)

  25. Anonymous9:57 AM

    The closest thing to a guilty pleasure I have is chocolate covered cherries, or the chocolate oranges that have the "whack and unwrap" sticker on them.

  26. Anonymous10:18 AM

    My guilty pleasure is that I spend a lot of time doing nothing but talk, cook and eat with people whose company I enjoy. Hey? That's a good thing!

  27. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Well... I watched Japanese anime the entire day... and will probably keep up this behavior (and neglect all other stuff like writing or doing research and work) for as long as the holiday continues.

    *extremely guilty*

  28. A guilty pleasure...would have to be eating both my SIL's homemade almond roca and too much Sees candy...

    And then I wonder why I put on weight at the holidays?

  29. When the weather allows it (a combination of enough snow on the ground and a full moon) I go cross country skiing at ghost hour. :)

    Thanks for the links, Sheila.

  30. A guilty holiday pleasure? Hmmm, let's see... where to start...

    Perhaps winding up my young nephews and nieces into a frenzy and then giving them back to their parents?

  31. My holiday guilty pleasure.... The 24-hour Christmas Story marathon. (Think it's on TNT?) I never get tired of that!

    PS - You'll shoot your eye out!

  32. Chocolate. Unfortunately, it's a year-round thing. However at Christmas, suddenly there's a plethera of "special" chocolates available. Like chocolate-covered cherries, which we had every Christmas when I was growing up. Now Hershey's has Cherry Cordial Kisses. Yes, this is a very bad thing....


  33. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Like everybody else, I buy things for myself while gift shopping and gorge on books and chocolate :)

  34. Hershey's Mint Kisses. If I'm not paying attention, I can eat a bag in a day.

  35. Bubble baths and Bryer's Reece's Ice cream

  36. Anonymous12:02 PM

    A Christmas Carol.

    Any version of the film (except perhaps the animated one :)). If it's on telly over the holiday season then I have to watch it.

    Favourite versions are the Patrick Stewart and Albert Finney ones.

  37. Anonymous12:32 PM

    "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."

    Okay, okay, I *know* it's an execrable song. I do. But somehow, it's just not really Christmas until I hear it.

    I'm going to go scrub my brain with bleach and a Brillo pad now...

  38. My guilty Christmas time pleasure?

    Watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and singing along . . .

    . . . Your's a mean one, Mr. Grinch . . .

  39. In a word : BOOZ. All year long, I don't drink. But since Dec is a major Catho holliday month AND my bday month, I've developped this...tradition of buying my favorite alcohol-base drink EVER: cremas. It's coconut milk, (a LOT of)sugar, white rum and spices. Delish!!!

    Other than that, champagne is an obsession. And here, Jan 1st is also Independence Day so TWO reasons to drink champagne!!!

  40. Anonymous1:14 PM

    unwrapping presents... lots and lots of presents...;-)

  41. What a cool giveaway!!

    My guilty pleasure is too common to even count, I cookies. I am a cookie freak and once I year I succumb to my sugar passions...sigh

    I also love roasted chestnuts, but compared to cookies that's a not-guilty pleasure :)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway...does wonder for my holiday Grinchness


  42. Reading! Or should I say, scarfing down every book, magazine and article I can get my hands on? LOL. My guilty pleasure is not fueled by food. Nope. I love books. What can I say?
    (oh, and blog surfing)shhh don't tell anyone)
    *wicked grin*

  43. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Besides over-indulging in food in general during the holidays, I also drink a lot more, too. Wine with the various dinners, rum while I'm making candy, eggnog with the family. I swear I'm practically a teetotaler most of the year, but I definitely turn into a Christmas lush. :P


  44. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Eating as much food as is humanly possible to stuff into myself. It has to be good food, mind you. :D

  45. My favorite holiday guilty pleasure is eating chocolate truffles while I wrap gifts and listen to Christmas music. Just have to figure out a way to keep those chocolate finger prints off the gifts! LOL

  46. Remembering Christmases past.

  47. My guilty pleasure is eating lots and lots of caramel almonds, lots of chocolate turrón, and lots of the traditional Spanish holiday cookies. Plus, I indulge in all kinds of sinful desserts!

    Mmmmmmmm.... Christmas is delicious.

  48. Chocolate covered cordial cherries and stocking stuffers. I can down a whole box of cordial cherries in one sitting if I'm not careful and I'm a sucker for chintzy little gifts!


  49. Mmmmm... guilty pleasures...

    Er, for me that would be a platter of smoked cheeses, cheese and chive crackers (or the pepper ones), sitting in front of the teev and wallowing in Japanese anime.

    Of course, there's the 'curl up in the corner of the couch with Tim Tams, mocha coffee and a good book', guilty pleasure. Did I have to pick one?

  50. sugar cookies and red velvet cake.


    saw that somebody mentioned tim tams and that's not a holiday guilty pleasure. that's a year around addiction for me.

  51. Anonymous4:14 PM

    OMG, Hershey's makes Cherry Cordial Kisses?! Gotta add that to my guilty pleasure list.

    Other guilty pleasures include eggnog and brandy, spending waaay too much on my holiday shopping, and the corollary guilty pleasure of shopping for myself as well. (I'm very guilty this year. I'm buying myself a laptop.)

    Now I'm off to find those Cherry Cordial Kisses!


  52. Watching 'Survivor'.

    As guilt goes, that's pretty guilty...

  53. Anonymous5:06 PM


    I always eat too much mazapán...

  54. Anonymous5:19 PM

    My guilty pleasure borders on a sickness. I buy 5 or 6 new Walt Disney Christmas ornaments every holiday season. I currently have more than our 9' tree can hold but I have already purchased 3 new ones. *sigh*

  55. Anonymous6:11 PM

    My holiday guilty pleasure: In the past few years, I usually end up buying almost as much stuff for myself as for others. I will probably end up buying all the books that are on this list.

  56. Anonymous6:30 PM

    My mother's Christmas candy -- I'm lucky she only makes it once a year. Real fudge, tiger butter (with peanut butter, chocolate, and almond bark) and peanut brittle.


  57. Reading. To the exclusion of all else. Not celebrating Christmas means this time of year is an uninterrupted bunch of DAYS OFF, and I even dump my writing to just sit and read all the long.

    This time I'm taking it a step furthur - making my husband do the cooking. Who cares what I eat if I can get an extra couple of hours per day with my big TBR pile?

  58. My mother makes THE BEST peanut brittle, and if I could, I'd eat the whole batch myself in one setting. It's the only candy that I can just gorge on without getting sick. I love it.

    No one else makes it right. Me and my sister used the same recipe once, just to see. It was okay. Edible. Crunchy. But I still wanted Mom's. Guilty pleasure, indeed!

  59. Anonymous9:17 PM

    My guilty pleasure for Christmas is sitting with my sister during Christmas Eve church services. We're both adults, yet we giggle and poke each other and generally misbehave like six-year-olds during Christmas Eve services, which results in us getting the evil eye from our mother.

    Nothing is more fun!