Friday, November 04, 2005


Ten Things for NaNoWriMo'ers

1. My first stop when hunting a title: I use the verse search engine to look for interesting phrases or lines from poems.

1a. My second stop: The Bonsai Story Generator.

2. Our friends to the north, the Canadian Authors Association, have a Writing Resources by Genre page.

3. When all else fails, talk to ELIZA.

4. Sami Pyörre offers the Everchanging Book of Names, a random name generator shareware program.

5. The Giallo Kit Generator offers a crash course in concise if bizarre giallo plot premises that sound like stuff a couple of writers I know would be interested in (not that I'm naming names, John, Stuart, Kate, Jon, James, Tam, Douglas . . .)

6.'s Grammar, Usage & Style page

7. Instant Muse Poetry Generator is supposed to help when you need a poetic line or phrase but your muse is out to lunch. All the lines start with "In the...", and I got: In the city of misery the weeds march.

8. Muse Creations offers a free trial download of Muse Names naming software that looks pretty neat, and if you scroll down you can get also some of author Vanessa Grants's writing templates for free.

9. Need a life? Download Educational Simulations' Real Lives for free.

10. For the wordless, WordGizmo (also good for those times when you have to name that vital stardrive component something but you have absolutely no idea what, i.e. "Captain, if you don't shut down the engines in thirty seconds the idübert will fail and the ship will blow up.")


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I'n not nano-ing, but #5 is TOO FREAKING COOL!!! (not that you mentioned my name ;) )

  2. Anonymous1:51 AM

    I dabble in poetry and I loved number 7 :) I got "In the forest of prophecy the truants run"... that was enough for me to come up with a little poem, the most fun I had all day! I bookmarked the site... those odd beginnings seem like a perfect addition to the antistress end of day activity list I try to practice, especially made for a word lover like me. Thanks Shiela!

  3. Nyuck, nyuck... the idubert's gonna fail? Oh, the horror! The humanity!

    I need to get more in touch with my inner characters. They're there, but I haven't invested any true emotions into them yet. Well, except for the villain. Somehow, somewhy, I really like him.

    When nano's done, I'll go back and make them real people. As long as I have a book at the end of it, that can be fixed.

  4. I'm using Nano to get half my next book out the way. I'm a shocker for time-wasting, so having a nice deadline is just what I need to keep me writing.
    PS - PBW, the whatnots you sent arrived safely... Many thanks to you and Holly both. And was that really a bookmark? :-))

  5. Thanks, PBW. This post is a keeper. I'm gonna have some fun with these links.

    Winter doesn't have time for links. Have you checked out his NaNo wordcount? The boy is smoking. He's vying for Viehl-hood.

  6. I'm not too sure about this nanomo stuff - it seems like all the wrong ways to go about writing a novel. That said, WordGizmo is definitely one for the bookmark folder. Thanks PBW.

  7. Hi there. I enjoy reading your blog. I'd like to ask whether I could reproduce this post in mine (I'll put a link to yours) as I'd like to keep it for there for reference :) Thanks.

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Lydia wrote: I'd like to ask whether I could reproduce this post in mine (I'll put a link to yours) as I'd like to keep it for there for reference

    Sure, no problem.

  9. Thank you, PBW. I've put it up on my blog.


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