Thursday, November 17, 2005

Finishing the Damn Thing

I'm taking off blogging for a bit to do the above. Listen for the clunk, at this point I think it'll register on a seismograph.

For you NaNo'ers (and anyone else) having trouble getting to your finish line, try Rob Preece's article Finishing the Book.


  1. Looking forward to hearing that satisfying seismic "klunk" soon.

    As for finishing the NaNo thing, that's no problem. The revision job afterward...that's another story.

  2. Keep working away ;-)
    I'm up to 32k for Nano, and have enough scene ideas to last the distance. I'm LGOH at an SF con this weekend though, so I've got a double dose of writing today.

  3. Aieee! Another link? It's bad enough I'm blog-hopping when I should be nanoing. I'm outa here.

    Best of luck with the manuscript ;0)

  4. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Much envy!

  5. I'm not even nano-ing and I'm struggling with the word count at the moment. Thanks for the link, and also the hint. Maybe I should quit the blogging for awhile too;}#

  6. Great article. Valuable reminders! I've been a lousy slacker for way too long.

  7. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Go, PBW! Don't forget to put down a few pillows and cushions to soften the THUD :-)


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