Monday, March 05, 2018


To practice what I preach, one of the new habits my guy and I are trying to get into is taking long nature walks. I'm bringing the camera with me so I can grab some interesting shots, which are helping me pay more attention to the little details around me.

Being outdoors, and away from the internet and the computer, always unravels my internal mental knots. Obviously the exercise is beneficial, but I also sleep better. My creativity skyrockets, too. More than anything I soak up all the natural beauty out there, just waiting to be discovered, and let it inspire me in new ways.

Here are some pics I took on our last walk:

Over the last couple years I've gotten away from using my camera for anything but my quilting and family-related events. So now, even when we're just out for the day running errands, I'm looking for new opportunities to take some interesting pics:

There's always something around the house or in the back yard that catches my eye, too:

While I don't have time to start another photoblog, and I'm not inclined to sign up with another photo-hosting service (shudder) I might put up a gallery page on PBW with some of the interesting pics I take this year. That will prod me to keep taking the camera with me on my little adventures.

Got any interesting (and PG-rated) photos you've taken lately? Share your links in comments.


  1. That's a great idea to add a gallery page. At least you'd have a handy wall for inspiration.

    We like to walk the neighborhood which is relatively woodsy anyway. Someday I hope to extend our range but for now I'll walk as far as Greg can handle with his bum knee.

  2. Your photos always perk up my day. Thanks for the inspiration, Lynn!

  3. All I see is snow. Still.'s snowing now. I am so ready for spring. I really am! I am happy to see all of your photos, more because they remind me that at some point, the weather will get warm, the birds will come back and my Blanding's Turtle yard guest will be wandering around again. I have no idea where he/she goes in the winter.


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