Friday, December 15, 2017

Sew Me

When I wasn't writing in 2017 I was sewing -- a lot. I wanted to complete at least one project every month, learn to design more patchwork, and dabble a bit in art quilting. I also documented everything I was doing over at my Tumblr blog, which helped keep me on track.

Here's some of what I got accomplished:

I started the year with a small patchwork pillow project to use up some scraps.

I bought a vintage quilt top at the annual county quilt show and made it into a new quilt for Skye's kennel.

I practiced some new embroidery stitches and techniques on this crazy quilt tote.

I tried working with modern fabrics for the first time to make this black/white/gold lap quilt.

I designed and made my first bargello quilt.

I experimented with new types of hand quilting stitches to make this little tote.

My big project of the year was designing and making this quilt from fabrics and some patchwork sent to me by a dear friend.

I made my first official art quilt out of recycled linen remnants and eco-dyed fabrics.

Another lap quilt I made, inspired by a lovely linen from my friend's fabric.

This was the month my sewing machine started to die, so this cute tote I made from orphaned patchwork blocks I purchased on Etsy was done largely by hand.

A winter table runner I made for an art swap.

A pillow I made from an old cutter quilt piece.

A table topper I quilted and embroidered for Thanksgiving. On Black Friday I did venture out to buy a new sewing machine, too.

I still have one more quilt to work on this month, and a table runner I want to make for New Year's Eve, but I think I did okay with my non-writing projects in 2017. One very positive side of doing so much quilting was that I kept my creative energy high, which really helped my writing. Next year I'm probably going to do more art quilting, as that's the bug that bit me most often in 2017, but I'm also constantly finding new inspirations, so we'll see.

What creative projects did you finish this year? Let us know in comments.


  1. Holy cow, you've been busy.

    And I recognize one of those quilts!

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Oh my! Those are lovely! Especially the lap quilts. :-)


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