Friday, October 20, 2017

PSA Time

It's definitely time for a PBW Public Service Announcement.

There is someone publishing author bibliographies on, and yes, they're selling mine for $2.99. I had no idea it was that valuable. Why didn't you guys tell me to publish my bibliography? I could have made tens of dollars!

Okay. If you would like to view my correct bibliography, in reading order, please do not buy it from I keep it on the blog. As it happens, I've had it on the blog for many, many years. Simply click here to access it.

Oh, and you can send me $2.99 if you want, but unlike this seller I'd rather you not pay me for something that has always been provided for free by the freaking author herself.

That concludes the PSA. Thank you for your attention, and have a wonderful day.

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  1. Wait! Don't they need your permission? And every author I read has their bibliography on their site so why would this idiot think they could actually make money like this? I'd report them as a fraud. However, I am really crabby and unsocial lately... :/


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