Friday, October 27, 2017

Circa 1853

To feed my love of all things Victorian American I purchased a couple of partial Godey's Lady's Books from Threads and Memories on Etsy; both date back to the mid-nineteenth century. The illustrations (three in color) are marvelous, as are the fashion plates, embroidery patterns and stories. Ladies who read these issues got the latest style trends, from even as far away as Paris, gardening ideas, every day advice and even sheet music and floor plans for a cottage.

All of the content is very polite and proper, of course, which I think makes it even more charming. Have a look:


  1. Wonderful! I love Victorian magazines. :-)

  2. I adore these things. I love the illustrations, and the peek into a lifestyle long extinct.

  3. I love old magazines, old books, older than 100 years anyway. I have quite a collection except, since we moved and I haven't gotten my built in bookshelves done yet, they're all in boxes :( This was a real treat!


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