Monday, August 14, 2017

More Pics

Pic #1 : Cheetah pic taken by my guy for me.

Pic #2: Dome chandelier at the place the kids took me for my birthday lunch.

Pic #3: 81 spools of vintage thread I bought at GoodWill for $7.99 (storage box included.)

I'm trying out Blogger's photo upload extra-large size, and experimenting with how the text works with it. Also, I found this about storage limits on Blogger in their help forum:

"As of now there are no such storage limitations specifically for images you upload on Blogger. As Blogger is a part of your Google account, Google provides 15 GB of free memory for each account. This 15 GB will be shared across all Google products linked to your account such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Blogger usually doesn't have any limit for the storage as the images the you upload will be stored in Google Photos of your Google account."

Just FYI: I pay $10.00 per year to Google for 36G of storage space for my free e-books, all of which take up only about 3G.


  1. Great buy on the thread!

    The photos look fine on your blog, but on my blog feeder (Feedly) it has a huge gap of space between photos and text. Not a big deal, but you might want to ask around how it looks on other people's feeders and browsers.

  2. I think my storage is $1.99 a month for an additional 100G. I don't know why I chose that but it was a very long time ago.

    I absolutely love that chandelier. Pottery Barn has something similar that I'd have liked in the dining room but alas, my guy is all about the ceiling fan... *sigh*

  3. PS Where is that cheetah (clearly the lord of all he surveys!)


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