Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Journal as Planner

I've posted the first entry into my new journal online (click here to view the .pdf), and it's pretty standard for a Monday. I have one basic sketch and a couple of lists, and I talk about home life and work. I did write four more pages in addition to what I've posted, but those I left out because they cover topics and opinions that I prefer to keep private.

A journal is a great place to figure out things and plan for the week ahead. It may seem mundane to write a list about what to make for dinner, but I needed to go shopping today, and I wanted to sort out some possible menus before I hit the market. Also, I think a lot about seasonal foods (peaches!), my family's likes and dislikes, and what I can make that will be different than what I made last week. As hot as it's been, I'm sticking to simple, cool, and light for dinner.

There's a to-do list in this entry, and that's also a journaling habit of mine when I have a lot of tasks to accomplish. I got all my writing work done, most of the housework and even some sewing last night. The laundry is still in progress, but then, it usually is. By prioritizing my tasks I was able to keep to my work schedule and not ignore the house; when I take breaks from writing I do my chores. When I'm really busy with work, or have a lot of little tasks to do, I'll go back to the journal and check off things as I finish them so I know where I am with getting things done.

No journal has to restricted only to great philosophical revelations, or outpourings of personal torment. I do have the occasional temper tantrum now and then in mine, but I mainly try to stay focused on being creative with my work and life. What I do now may or may not be of interest to someone in the future, but that's not the reason I journal. This is the only time I write for myself instead of someone else, and it's relaxing. I like to have conversations with myself in my journals, and work out my problems, and find things to appreciate in every new day.


  1. Very interesting. Love the fact the topics change, almost from paragraph to paragraph. Much like my own journal.

  2. I think I take journaling too seriously which is why I never do it. Then I think about the great diarists like Samuel Pepys. He wrote about ordinary stuff. Ordinary to him but to us, a treasure trove of life's details during his era.

    We don't appreciate our everyday lives as much as we should.


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