Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sub Op

For those of you who like to cook and write out there, I spotted this sub op in the Paying Markets forum over at

"Are you a master chef with cooking Ramen Noodles? Are you able to make cuisines out of such a basic food staple?


A new food blog is looking for someone who can make fabulous recipes with Ramen Noodles. This would require you to take 2-3 pics of the food, write the recipe and write a blurb/description about it. The most IMPORTANT part is to have an appealing photo of the food. No one will eat it if it doesn't look appetizing. The pay is $15 via Paypal with a byline.

Send writing samples and photos of your creations for consideration. Content must be original and this is for exclusive web rights. A food photo sample is REQUIRED. Snap a quick pic of your lunch with your cell phone of any meal as a sample. Send samples to BrunchOnABudget [at] gmail [dot] com for consideration."

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