Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Charity Requests Reminder

Lately I'm seeing a bunch of charity-related requests landing in the blog comments approval queue, so as I'm deleting them I thought I'd also post a reminder that I don't allow them on the blog. The main reasons for this are:

a) I don't have time to chase down all the associated links and make sure they're legit

b) In the past every time I have supported a big charity they've pestered me for years afterward to make more donations, to the point that what they pay in postage to ask for more money exceeds the sum I originally donated.

c) I can't support health charities that incorporate inhumane and unnecessary animal experimentation as part of their research, which is more of them than you probably want to know.

d) If I post one charity request I am ethically obligated to post them all, and eventually all you'd be reading here would be charity requests.

Please understand that I'm not anti-charity. Every year my family and I donate to worthy causes in our community, including the public schools, the no-kill cat shelter and the food bank. I donate lots of books to our public library and a children's charity. I also make at least one quilt or quilted project every year for a charity auction. So while it may seem like I'm being stingy, I actually do my part in private.

Thanks in advance for understanding.


  1. Are these just straightforward requests? From non-commenters? I mean, from people who don't comment any other time? I wouldn't apologize if they're not. That's spam, no matter who it's from and I wouldn't approve it either.

  2. I respect your position and feel much the same way as you do. I give to the charities I want to support and who I feel will most benefit from my contribution. Big charities that pay their executive officers £100K plus a year, or swamp you with donation requests for years don't get my cash. Neither do Telethons or other national TV deals. Pictures of pain & suffering do nothing but make me feel guilty that I don't have the world's riches at my fingertips to solve the problems causing the pain & suffering, whether it be to humans or animals. I have enough problems keeping a roof over my head, paying my bills and keeping myself in quilting supplies and I have enough guilt about things I can't change. Don't give me any more. Thank you for keeping them off your blog.


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