Monday, April 25, 2016


On Sunday the cardinals nesting by our porch hatched their eggs, and here is the first glimpse we had of the newborns:

They're really tiny, adorable things; no bigger than the end of my guy's thumb. We waited until Mom and Dad left for dinner to snap our pics, and this next one was the best one we could get in the low light (we're not touching the nest or the babies, naturally):

Zooming in, we got a better look:

This is likely the last pictures we'll take, too, unless I can get some through the porch screen. We want to keep our distance so Mom and Dad can feel safe and look after them without freaking out.


  1. Oh, they're so tiny! And they're so ugly when they're featherless, but still, so cute at the same time. I hope they grow and thrive. You must be very proud step-parents ;)

  2. How cute! Great pictures. I've never seen baby cardinals.


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