Saturday, August 02, 2014

PBW Changes

What's been happening with the blog this week:

I've clarified how comment posting works on the About PBW page; see the newly-revised and trisected section E.

The Best of PBW page and the Backlist/Bibliography page are now up to date.

The outdated Latest Releases and Links pages have been deleted because they involve more time to fix than I have this week; I'll be rebuilding and reposting both in the near future.

The Tags page has been completely revised and updated, and oy, what a job that was. I use too many tags. In fact, if you see me using a new tag, please smack me in the head.

With much angst (I hate to delete anyone from my blog roll) I revised the Weblogs That Rock Me page and removed all the static blogs, missing blogs, non-blogs, blogs that haven't been updated in a long time, blogs that for whatever reason I have stopped reading, etc. I've also added a couple of new blogs I've discovered.

What didn't change:

The blog template. Again. I seriously considered switching to something new, but after looking through nine thousand-odd possibilities I couldn't decide on any one thing. I like the minimalism look. Okay, I wimped out. Anyway, the template is staying the same as it's pretty much always been.


  1. LOL... I hate when it's time to update the blog. I ended up completely removing my version of blogs and authors I love. I found that I was either not updating it, or having to update it too often. Good for you for cleaning house! I will need to check out what you've added.

  2. It's good to clean the cupboards every now and then. And your "minimalist" template works just fine. I read the blog for your words after all... ;D

  3. crashing a friend's booksigning... heh.

  4. If you want to switch my blog ( Nico) to my writer-blog instead of the lunacy I post at LJ,cool. If you want to bump me off *sniff* that's cool too.

    ( for all my writerly madness)

    I do massive housecleanings now and then. Its good for the soul.

    1. Got it switched over (did not know about the writerly madness site ~ now I can go annoy you there.)

    2. Please do!!:D


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