Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sub Op

According to this open call over on AbsoluteWrite.com, "Short Stuff Press, publisher of the popular Angel Paws series, is launching a line of romance short stories! This multi-author series will be released as standalone shorts via Kindle, with a possible ebook anthology. Print rights will remain with the authors. What we are looking for: Quality writing. We care about story and especially about believable characters to whom readers can relate. At least one dog should be a main character and central to the storyline. Large breeds preferred (German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, etc.) and actively working dogs (service dog, search and rescue, police K-9, sled dog, ranch dog, etc.) also encouraged, though all dogs and types will be considered. Any animal shelter/animal rescue/adoption connection would be welcome. As a romance series, the canine character(s) being central to bringing together or keeping together the human hero and heroine is also encouraged. These shorts are G- to PG-rated feel-good romances. Emotional discovery over physical. Low-heat index. Think sweet, cozy, inspirational. HEA or HFN endings." Length: 5-12K, Payment: $50.00. No indication on reprints (PBW notes: I'd query), electronic submission only, see post for more details. No deadline at this time.


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