Thursday, December 26, 2013

Under the Tree

I hope all of you out there are enjoying the holidays. I must have been on Santa's nice list this year, judging by the lovely bunch of books I found Christmas morning:

My daughter gave me The Gorgeous Nothings, a photographic collection of the actual poems and poem fragments Emily Dickinson wrote on scraps of paper and the backs of envelopes; my Library Thing secret Santa sent me Out of Africa by Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen), I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Dr. Maya Angelou and Anguished English, Richard Lederer's hilarious look at how much abuse the language has taken over time; and my friend Jill gifted me The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling's not-so-secret adult mystery pseudonym. I also received a gift card for Barnes & Noble from my kid so I can do a little book shopping of my own.

I enjoy when people give me books as gifts. Of course it's the thought that really counts, but their choices are always interesting to me, too. I probably would not have picked out any of these books for myself except maybe the Dickinson collection and the Angelou, which is a welcome addition because my old reading copy of Bird is starting to fall apart.

Did Santa leave any books under your tree? Let us know in comments.


  1. No books were left under my tree but I did receive several Amazon Gift Cards - which for me is better because I have different taste than the rest of the like you got some lovely gifts too!

  2. I get gift cards because the comment is always you have so many books, I don't know what to buy you - love the gift cards so I can load up after Christmas - don't understand why so many authors have hardcover releases after Christmas. On the other hand I probably gave out 12-14 books as gifts this years and every year. Enjoy your books!

  3. I did get a book for Christmas...A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, my granddaughter got a couple of books, her mom got a kindle, and my daughter-in-law got Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. We love to give and get books as gifts!

  4. I bought my own presents this year as hubby was snowed under with work, so Santa left me lots of books! The new Neil Gaiman: The Ocean at the End of the Lane; Parasite by Mira Grant; The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman; Tempting Fate by Jane Green and Shift by Hugh Howey. Lots of great fantasy there! I gave my kids lots of good books too, so I'll be raiding their stashes when I run out.

    Sadly I'll have to wait a little before I get to start them, as I'm running a series on my blog at the moment called the Twelve Reads of Christmas, so I'm reading and reviewing books with numbers in the title, eg One Shot, Two Boys Kissing, Three Wishes and so on. Once I get through the reading for that I'll have the lovely dilemma of deciding which of my new books to read first.

    Glad to hear you had a book-filled Christmas!

  5. Reading Dust by Patricia Cornwell, today. :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

    How are you?



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