Monday, July 22, 2013

Hodge Podge Ten

Ten Interesting Things I Found on the Internet

Archaeology Magazine provides online, interactive access to digs all over the world -- see the links list here.

Someone asked me if I'd ever found an mind mapper site that allows you to work online versus downloading a program, and I finally found a free one --

e.e.cummings was an amazing poet, but did you know he was an artist, too?

Don't walk like an Egyptian, write like one with this online Egyptian Hieroglyphic typwriter, which produces fun texts like this:

Found in a junk shop: the creations of Charles Dellchau, by day a grumpy butcher, by night a secret and wildly imaginative artist (and I brazenly lifted this link right off Kris Reisz's live journal.)

Check your grammar for free online with this free online grammar checker.

Need an idea on what to write for your blog? Try a random Mind Bump.

If you're a devoted notebook addict like me you'll probably want to avoid Notebook Stories (not.) -- Create a cover for your self-pubbed book with art from independent artists that is not resold to other writers, starting at $69.00 (and since the artists make 70% of the purchase price I thought that was nice.)

Learn how to sit properly at your desk to eliminate lower back pain with this short YouTube video from Park City telvision (and I tried it and it actually worked for me.)

Got some interesting links you want to share? Post them in comments.


  1. Thanks for the Hieroglyphic translator--great fun for goofing off.

    1. Always happy to waste your online time, ma'am. Ha.

  2. You always find the neatest stuff.

    1. This is what happens when you have no life, Theo: you become the one with all the cool online bookmarks, lol.


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