Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writers Visual Dictionary

Because I obviously don't have enough on my plate already, I'm tinkering on a visual dictionary for writers, using photo-metaphors for different aspects of the writing life (sort of like a picture book version of the Devil's Publishing Dictionary.)

Here are some first attempts at entries:

To make it a proper dictionary I need to come up with A to Z terms, and likewise choose one word for concepts like "how it feels to hold your book for the first time" so I've plenty of work ahead.  Still, I think it's a fun way to revisit my photo archives and offer a few chuckles for the folks on Flickr.
Does anyone out there have a writer term they'd like to see me define with a photo?  Let me know in comments.


  1. One of my favs, but hard to portray...
    "TSTL". ;)

  2. I'd love to see what you could come up with for Motivation.

  3. Blocked

    Those are the first two that come to my mind. Especially that second one here of late. Ha! Maybe you can incorporate a locked door into your dictionary somewhere. Every writer needs one. :)

  4. Seeing your cover art for the first time made me bust up, especially since I recognized that needle-averse picture! LOVE this project.

  5. I really laughed at the cover art photo, and delivering the manuscript followed by the editing picture...too funny!

    Love the word/photo combos. Truly good visual dictionary.

    Writer's block came to mind first (already mentioned above). Research? I like doing it--at first--but then can't wait to just get on with the story.

  6. you need to the pic for Xanax. Or what inspires it.

  7. This gave me some great chuckles. Loved delivering the manuscript and copy-editing!

    What about those stories that whisper seductively, "work on me instead!" when we're in the middle of a story. Temptresses?


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