Monday, September 12, 2011

Pic Ten

Thanks to everyone for the kind words in comments and the e-mails and cards. Right now I'm trying to cope by staying busy, focusing on family and looking for a little beauty in every day, but posting here on the blog will likely be sporadic until I've worked my way through this.

The camera has really helped me stay out of the dark and look for the light, literally and spiritually. For some reason I keep running into interesting birds, and a few were courteous enough to hold still long enough for me to take a shot. So was a huge orb-weaver I discovered one night.

I wrote a little new fiction or a personal journal entry almost every day I was on hiatus, and while I can't claim that any of it is readable or of great quantity, simply the act of writing helped. I also put together one holiday assemblage project made from recycled materials (which actually came out almost as nice as the example in the magazine.)

So that your visit here today was not wasted, I put together ten of my most interesting hiatus photographs, which can be viewed in my online Jalbum here.


  1. The photos are beautiful.

    I'm also touched by the photo of you and your dad in your earlier post. The pride in his expression is wonderful. May he have safe passage on his journey to his next life.

    Hugs to you.

  2. Those are lovely, Lynn. Thank you for sharing them. =o)

  3. My thoughts are with you - I too loved the picture of you and your dad.


    Helena xx

  4. I'm glad you are working through things. I just lost my brother last month and I am not sure how I would be coping if I haven't been able to journal almost every day. My thoughts are with you.


    p.s. Your photos are lovely!

  5. clairecherven9:56 AM

    Be assured that my visits to your blog are never wasted! No matter what you post. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  6. I'm with clairchervan. Whenever I come to your blog, Lynn, or pick up one of your books, I always find myself renewed. May you find peace and joy that passes all understanding.


  7. Spectacular orb-weaver shot. I'm glad you're writing and photographing your way through. I keep thinking of you and I hope your art is helping you make beautiful meaning that rebuilds.

  8. Your photographs are inspirational. You are inspirational. Never forget that.
    Take Care. x

  9. Anonymous2:22 PM

    To read about your dad made my heart ache. I will just stay with sending peace to you and your family. I will visit the pictures another day.


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