Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Beth Miller from Writers House, a delightful woman who puts up with my nonsense on a regular basis, gave an informative online interview and Q&A here. She offers a lot of excellent tips that will be valuable to those of you who are looking for an agent. (Beth does lovely things for her authors like e-mailing me today to let me know that Evermore hit the Times extended list again; it came in at #30 this time around.)

I'm juggling bowling balls and chainsaws this week. We've got finals, science projects to turn in, family in the hospital (nothing serious) to visit and incoming weekend guests to welcome. Somewhere in there is a vet appointment for the pup and an eye exam for me. Not at the vet, but maybe I can talk him into doing it to save me some road time. I mean, I just have to look at a chart and tell him what letters I see, right? And I usually don't bite.

The results of my daughter's science project experiments proved that Puffs Ultra is the strongest facial tissue wet or dry on the market, and Puffs Plus Lotion is the softest. Yes, you heard it here first. We also now have enough boxes of tissues here to mop up every nose in America, Canada and possibly Mexico.

If your offspring are knocking out the science project this week and need to put a bar (or other) graph on their board, the National Center for Educational Statistics has a kid-friendly Create A Graph generator that makes beautiful, correctable, printable graphs.


  1. Since I homeschool, there are no science fairs, but with our daughter looking forward to majoring in Chemistry, we bought her a chemistry set. Every day is chem lab where she gets to try and blow up the house.

    Congrats on hitting the bestseller list again. I'll be picking up Evermore tomorrow. Yay me. And thanks for the link. Any agent information is certainly welcome. =oD

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Considering the runny noses running amok in my house, I could probably benefit from the research.

    My kids are starting to look like Rudolph.

    My eight year old has her first big solo 'project' due in next Friday. And it's social studies... oh the fun.

    And of course all three of them are sick.

  3. You have a junior Myth Buster!!!!

  4. Congrats on hitting the list again. Thanks for posting the Q&A link. I'm in the middle of agent hunting/useless form letter hell...oh the fun.

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Yeah, I could use a box of kleenex on my desk (I think I'm allergic to work...) Can you share?

  6. Thanks for the graph generator. Younger son is writing up his science project.


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