Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Battery Charge Ten

Ten Things to Jumpstart Your Muse

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads for viruses and other bugs before you dump them on your hard drive.

1. To be or not to be? If you need to answer that question, take a cruise around TheBeCompany.com's BE Your Self site.

2. For those who like experimenting with new approaches to creation and problem-solving, Creating Minds.org has a well-packed toolbox page of creativity tips and techniques.

3. Magic, like other unexpected contributions to our lives, happens. So do some interesting pieces on creativity over at Enchanted Mind.

4. I've been looking for an equivalent of Rough Draft for Mac, and I think I've found it: Glass Writer Pro offers a 30 day free trial of its very reasonably priced software, which "has features which are especially useful to writers who have to manage large amounts of text. If you're writing an epic novel with a large cast of characters, complex plot lines which you need to go back and refer to, then GWP2 is for you. Will your word processor allow you to see and edit two chapters at the same time?" (OS: Mac OS X)

5. Faster than a stationary bullet: The HalfBakery.

6. Imagination Engineering Software appears to be a mind-mapper or some sort, and has a free 30 day trial download (guiltware; love that term, guys.) They ask that you buy a downloadable companion e-book if you like the software (OS:Supports Windows 3.1x, 9x, Me, XP. Note: there is a minor installer glitch that happens on XP; check out the specific notes at the site on how to solve.)

7. You can test drive Tony Buzan's iMindMap software freely for seven days; it's touted as the only official mind-mapping tool that allows you to produce true MindMaps(TM) on a computer (despite the Mac-y name, the OS is cross-platform, and lists as okay for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

8. Hot rod your head over at Botree.com's PhotoReading site.

9. This NaNoWriMo Resource Page has some good links to name randomizers and .pdf formatted character and plotting sheets.

10. For fun: Carrot brains, beware: PBW is a hammer! It moulds vegetables! Get your own surreal statement from The Prior-Art-O-Matic.


  1. Hmm. "charlene teglia is a freezer that tastes delicious and can light cigarettes."

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    This is a keeper page.

  3. Have you tried Scrivener? I thought you had mentioned it once. I think it handles large amounts of text as well.


  4. GReat list. Thanks!


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