Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm not sure about the accuracy of this test, but if it's correct, we're all co-eds:

Toga Party!

For those who want to make their blog sound more important:

And for those who know their blog is more important:

When you grab the code from this web site, they tack on a code for an ad for cash advances, so be warned -- I edited it out of mine before I blogged it. What did you score with your blog?

(Link for the test pinched from Jaquandor over at Byzantium's Shores.)


  1. I'm totally embarrassed. I came in at elementary school.

  2. My blog's reading level seems to be college undergrad.

    I can live with that.
    It means I'm still learning, but haven't lost sight of having fun along the way.

  3. Anonymous2:42 AM

    You and me both, Gina. But I prefer to take it as a compliment. It's no great honor (or achievement) to write in stilted, exaggerated academic prose.

  4. Mine was college level for one blog and elementary for the other. Both blogs have the same content...

    Also, as soon as I saw the link they tacked on to the meme I shut the page and deleting my nascent blog post about it.

  5. I took it twice, the first time I came in at high school, the second as an undergrad. I guess grad school didn't stick. :)

  6. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm not the least bit embarrassed.

    Elementary school kids are often smarter than many of the adults I know. ;-) I'll wear my elementary tag proudly.

  7. My main blog came it at high school, my homeschooling blog came in at post-grad, and my branded blog came in at junior-high. I'm seriously doubting the validity of this test, but it was fun. =o)

  8. I came in at Junior High level.

  9. Junior high, which I think is completely fair, given the number of video game references and use of foul language.

  10. Mine were Genius, college grad, and Genius! Does that mean even I can't get my blog? lol

  11. Mine came in as Genius, surprised the crap outta me :P


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