Monday, February 26, 2007

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Ten Things That Will Cost You Nothing

1. Celtx freeware is geared as pre-production software for screen projects, but can be used by writers with text for novel planning and outlining.

2. Explore characters and conflict with the interactive, artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative freeware game, Facade.

3. Faces, the "Swiss Army Knife for Project Managers" freeware, may help you outline better.

4. Efficiently sort, store, map and fiddle with your notes via Idea Notes freeware.

5. LangMaker freeware helps you create your own language, evidently in minutes.

6. Create online photo galleries for your web site, or storyboard your novel ideas, with Limon Photo Album freeware.

7. Filter yourself with's Newspeak Translator freeware, which claims to edit your writing to make it a)old-fashioned and beautiful or b) fashionable and politically correct.

8. Podcasters and VRS users might want to check out the features of StoryHarp freeware.

9. Also from, a freeware called The Thinking Man's Thesaurus (woman, apparently, still can't think.)

10. Manage the non-writing aspects of being a writer with the trial/lite download of Write Again!

Of interest to all:'s Info Note freeware allows you to make quick notes with zero hassle.


  1. That language maker looks pretty fun. Happy Monday to you!

  2. 9. Also from, a freeware called The Thinking Man's Thesaurus (woman, apparently, still can't think.)

    I prefer to think that we (women) already have thesaurus capabilities built in as standard equipment; therefore, the add-on is redundant.

  3. Oooh, I'll try to remember the Newspeak freeware next time someone starts complaining about difficult words like "steam-liner".

    I should also remember my question for Friday, which is, "why in the deleted can I never get the word verification right first time?". Bah.

    Or the second time!


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