Monday, February 12, 2007

Cover Me Ten

Ten Things to Do With Your Cover Art

Important Note: Cover art is copyright-protected. Unless you own the art, always obtain permission to use cover art images, especially for any items you intend to resell, like stuff from

1. If you've got a one-word or short novel or series title, have it embroidered on a baseball cap like this one: Vanity Wear Most major malls have a kiosk embroidery service who can do them for under $10 each; you might get them a bit cheaper if you order in bulk from a logo shop (various prices).

2. Blogger will let you add your cover art to your profile page, which also adds it as an icon whenever you make a signed-in comment and on your blog sidebar under "About Me" (free, max image file size 50K).

3. I know someone is going to want this: How to make bookmarks using tables in Word. For people like me, try How to Make a Duct Tape Bookmark (free).

4. Create digital stickers of your cover art in a variety of sizes at places like Stickers can be applied to anything (various prices).

5. Flickr has a neat a magazine cover generator that allows you to custom-design a magazine-style cover. Darkyn TimesUse your cover art as the image and do anything from producing a nifty newsletter cover to spoofing yourself (free; click on image to see larger version).

6. Also from Flicker, use your cover art or elements from it to create your own motivational poster (I went with more classic art for mine; free).

7. Office Depot will take your cover art and put it on coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, die-cut puzzles and more (my sister-in-law used them to make some cover-art gifts for me, and I was impressed by the quality of the end product, which is why I'm recommending them).

8. will create a sheet of customized postage stamps featuring your uploaded image Go postal(about $1.00 per stamp; a bit pricey but a nice collectible or gift for your favorite writer).

9. John Pollock's has some interesting web design articles, including one on Resizing Images and How to Promote Your Artwork Online.

10. BellaOnline's Yvonne Russell has an article here with a list of promotional widgets marketing sends out; she suggests authors make -- you guessed it -- bookmarks.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    That is awesome! Those are all really good ideas. Heck, I'd be into buy one of those StarDoc hats.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Very nice and profitable ideas.I will second for the StarDoc Hat.Very Cool.


  3. Anonymous6:47 AM


    This is a good Article


  4. Anonymous7:31 AM

    oh yeah, i can see the 'inspirational poster' hanging on the walls of reviewers everywhere

  5. LOL I love the mag cover! "Who buried him?" LMAO!

  6. I think the inspirational poster would be really cool to have for myself--it might seem kind of conceited, but I think it would be really great, as I'm struggling through a rough draft, to be able to look up and see that poster of my book and say, "Well, I did it before, I can finish this one, too." Of course, I still have to finish that first time before I can look back at it!


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