Wednesday, November 15, 2006

HB Buddy

Remember this furry little baby moving in to Casa PBW last January?

The pup and his older cat brothers, aka my four boys

Well, he sorta grew up on us.

Touch Mom's books and I'll take off your hand

So today we brought home a cake made especially (and only) for pups:

Fresh fom the pet shop bakery

And celebrated Buddy's first birthday in style.

Chowing down

Next year, I want a people cake, too (sniff.)


  1. Awwww. What a fine young dog he's grown into.

    I had a Kitty who looked much like the one to Baby Buddy's left once. I lost her back in 1992, but Natasha has a similar personality (Grumpily loving attack cat).

    Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

    He's turned into a handsome dog.

    What a lucky family he has.

    Many more happy years with that furry one.

  3. Anonymous12:51 AM

    He is handsome! Happy birthday Buddy!
    The cat is cute too...
    Did Buddy manage to eat the whole cake?


  4. Happy Birthday to Buddy! What a cute puppy he was!

  5. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Ohhhh, I wondered how the baby was doing! He was so cute, and now he's just beautiful!

  6. Anonymous2:07 AM

    eeeeeeee! Puppy-pictures!! Oh, he's gorgeous! (Please forgive the gratuitous use of exclamation points, but he deserves them. :) I love the way he looked right at the camera, even as a pup.

  7. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Aww, he's so pretty. He looks a lot like my Bitsy, except she had a longer blaze.

    (I love the look on the cat's face, too.)

  8. Anonymous7:31 AM

    *keels over from the cuteness factor of the puppy AND kitties in the first picture* Aw. SO pretty! (And fluffy!)

  9. I just love the expression on the cat next to him in the first picture. On a bed full of kitties, that little adorable puppy is so innocent looking, and that cat looks like he's saying--don't even 'think' you're going to be in charge.

    But oh my, from that adorable little puppy, what an AWESOME looking dog grew. He's unbelievably handsome. Give him a big birthday hug for me.


  10. He turned out to be a beautiful looking Shelty. I'm partial to Shelties myself, owning two of them. I hope he has many, many more birthdays at the Casa PBW!

  11. Oh, a pupdate! I love seeing dog pictures. PBW, he is absolutely gorgeous. A cover model among dogs. *g*

  12. What was the cake made of? Looks yummy.

  13. Oh wow, he did grow up. And what a handsome dog. And the 'what's that' look that one cat gives him in the first pic - priceless.

    Happy Birthday, Buddy.

  14. Awwww. How cute! Thanks for the pics... It's amazing how fast they grow up :-)

  15. Mmm, fuzzy. A very pretty / handsome dog you've got there.

    Does he often rush up barking, telling you that Timmy's stuck down the well, or that Old Mrs Parson's been struck by lightning?

  16. Tula (my Shih Tzu) just asked why she never gets a cake like that for her birthday and wants to know if you'd share your recipe or tell me where I can purchase. She also thinks Buddy is a fox!

    Happy Birthday Buddy!

  17. He's so cute. I can't believe how big he's gotten in a year. They grow up so fast. Sniffle. ;)

  18. How incredibly CUTE! Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

  19. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Happy Birthday fuzzball puppy.


  20. He's so adorable! And like all babies, grew up so fast. :-)

  21. Gorgeous! And I love the kitties! Happy Birthday Buddy!


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