Thursday, April 06, 2006

Impressive Winners

You guys always make an impression around here, but this time you came up with some truly tantalizing entries for the Nightlife giveaway. Now if someone could add twelve more hours to every day so we'd have more time to hunt down and read all those great novels . . .

The winners of the giveaway are:




Jess I

Michael Ezell

Winners, please e-mail your full name and ship-to address to so I can get these books out to you. As always, I don't use your personal info for any other reason but to mail out the books. Thanks to all everyone who joined in.


  1. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Congrats, all.
    I agree with PBW. The titles sound great. I kept checking back for entries to see if I could pick up a few more books. Now I should probably warn my local book store that I'll be coming in to shop with a longer list than usual.

  2. Wow--an unexpected surprise!

    Thanks much!

  3. Congrats, winners! I bought Nightlife a few weeks ago and can't wait to get into it!

  4. Congrats to all the winners. Of course, now my wish list for books has grown.


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